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Kellie’s log: stardate 031804.1229

Ryan and I have recently launched our ambitious mission of watching the entire Star Trek: Next Generation series which consists of seven seasons of around twenty-five episodes. By the way, if anyone has any of seasons 2 thru 5, we need them so we can watch it all. Anyway, so I’ve been having lots of dreams lately, mainly some semi-creepy sexual relations with Capt. Picard and some other dreams with Data asking me questions like “how would I know if I was human?”. And I’m sorry, Data, I don’t really have any solid answers to that question. But I’ve been considering…

So, I’ll continue fantasizing about what cool things I would do on the holodeck while cruising the galaxy with Worf and Data warp-nine. Meanwhile, I’ll also write lots more poetry, probably about doing cool things on the holodeck and cruising the galaxy with Worf and Data warp-nine. Here’s one I wrote the other day…


The Sun rusts sandstone a rich velvet red,
hot winds smooth rough edges and sculpt
this burning monument of ancient stone
withstanding centuries of silent erosion.

If humans don’t desroy this planet (I don’t
think we will) the elements will do it for us.
Hydrogen will fuse into helium and the
Sun will swell. I will become the entire sky.

I believe we will have left ages earlier.
The rusted sand dunes on Mars, the dusty
red rocks on Mars, look so like the Sahara,
so like So. Utah. We know we can live there.

What is holding us back– I believe we’ll
travel beyond Mars, beyond swirling red Jupiter,
and beyond the edges of our own solar system.
The Sun will be just another star in the sky.

Why create God– If God created me, I
thank Him. If we created God I thank nature
for our intelligence, for the brilliant red of
the Sun and for the chance to escape from it.

So it’s not really about what I said it was about. But it’s cheezy just the same. I hate questions in poetry, so I’ll probably throw those out. My next poem will be from the persona of Data. It’s going to be all sorts of fun, so maybe I’ll post it when it’s finished.