Original article posted by Stephanie:

One cool thing about living out in the valley and away from everything and everyone; the stars are so utterly amazing on a clear night. Tonight it looks gorgeous out there.

I wish I had the guts to sit out on the grass and stargaze for a while….but that’s another thing about living out here…I’m terrified that I could wander outside and be devoured by a pack of starving coyotes.

I know it’s irrational, but it’s a fear I have, ok?

We live in a 2 story, 6 bedroom, 4 bath house, and there’s only 4 of us. The downstairs is all studded walls at the moment, but the upstairs is all finished and nice. My dad works and lives in San Fransisco at the moment, so my little bro and sis like to sleep in my mom’s room, and I sleep in the guest bedroom….because those are the only 2 rooms that are all nice and finished.

I actually do have my room set up downstairs, with a kingsize bed, computer, tv with vcr and dvd. It’s pimp, but I haven’t been down there more than a few times since I arrived back from my trip. It’s like it’s a part of the old me and it hurts to look at it.

I got a letter from Greg today, cos YAY I wrote him. I don’t know what it is, but I think he likes making me cry. I seem to cry everytime I read something he writes to me anyway. I’ll write him back at some point this weekend.

My mom told me that you’re not supposed to write missionaries about stuff from home, drama and everything. So she scolded me for writing to him about Alister. But Greg asked me to tell him all the gossip and I shall deliver!

Plus, he asked how the site was going. Anyone want to say something to him about it? Leave a comment and I’ll put it in my letter.

I also got a LoTR poster from Ali in the mail. When I was in New Zealand, we went to see Return of the King, and we got these free posters with it. It’s actually a really nice one, with all 3 movie posters on the one poster. I liked it so much that I left it and made him send it to me so I wouldn’t squash it.

I’ve been talking to my oldest brother on msn the whole time I’ve been writing this. It seems like we’ve been being friends more and more lately. Is this maturity? Scary. We used to fight like wild cats and dogs, and now we’re like this. It’s cool, but interesting to see how things have changed over the years.

Well, those are enough random thoughts for now. Hasta.