Original article posted by thewendy:

To my knees desert
brought me skin
cracked, spread open
to heat wind coyote tracks
till what was forgotten bleed
from mind canyons
gaurded corners picked
clean by sacred

so someone tell me if i should apply for the jobs on the reservation this year
or give the city one more chance to prove to me that there is something here that i can’t live without?

Orginal comments:

Nickname: gandhi2
in true socratic fashion
what are you going to enjoy more?
what are you passionate about
(i.e. enough to write odes to)
because i’m not totally selfless and miss you:
which would be closer to cedar city?

Nickname: Stephanie
Re: what brings you to your knees?
Get out! Get out while you still can!!!

And feel pity for the rest of us who are stuck here for who knows how long….

Nickname: Olorle
Re: what brings you to your knees?
You need your nothingness wilderness type area. It’s better for you.

Nickname: ravenpaine
What you won’t like hearing
Unlike so many other people I’m going to have to make a bid for the city.

It seems to me that the portions of your life that you find rewarding about now are the times you are in school teaching students and helping that whole education thing.

The times when you seem to have so many problems are when you leave the academic world and try to live in the city.

I believe that if you went to the reservation job you may very well end up with students that don’t care and are unrewarding to teach and yet after school you will be approached by fiendish mongrels who will give you as many problems as you have now.

Though the reservation is a better place for your soul, the city is possibly a safer place for your sanity and physical well being.

I could be paranoid but I thought I would at least voice the potential difficulty.

Rodney TGAP