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It is shaping up to be a hideous and lousy day.

Not because today has any particular thing wrong with it, aside from the French test that I got a D- on.

No, today’s problems started on Saturday and got worse on Sunday. Today marks sort of a denumount on the badness.

As always I feel that a list of my current problems is necessary to explain precisely what is going down.

I’m quite broke.
No one will give me a job, but every fuckhead mouth breather I meet has one.
I’m out of food.
I have ten papers, a chap book, four tests, and a preface to do in the next four or five weeks.
I can’t seem to concentrate on any task long enough to start, let alone finish.
I find myself reeling in odd Arthurian circles about what I’m doing with Xiao.

The good things
No one is about to let me starve.
I assume that if I tell enough lies someone will hire me for something.
I only need a few hours of actual effort to complete all of my school tasks.
FF XI is mine all mine on Wednesday.
I have a script that will be presented as a radio drama in a few weeks, and potentially I get to do more.

Wow, two lists. None of them particularly creative. I can feel the hyperbole slip through my fingers like oil through something in some fashion.

I would declare myself legally braindead if going to the legal system wouldn’t involve me paying large sums of money for things I didn’t really do.

Focus you stupid bastard.

If there is one thing I am well known for its getting myself out of the problems I create for myself. This should be no different.

I can fight against this tide of black swill meandering towards me like a UPS man. Sure, I’ll sign for the burden. No problem, just give me the little electronic doohickey and then sick your minions on me.

I always do better when I see things as a life or death fight.

I’ve become so jaded to problems and my own self worth in the last few years that I could build the forbidden city with ennui.

Fuck. I can manage all of this. And I wouldn’t even have to work all that often, I would just have to work hard enough to prove that I care.

‘Cause I do care. I would have to.

So yes, I have got to fix some of these issues before they spiral completely out of control and something something.

One small flare up of righteous indignation and already I hit the ropes. Cut me Mick, I need to get in there. I can’t see what the issue his to bunch it in the fucking gut.

I’m like DeNiro in Raging Bull, I get the shit kicked out of me and I’m too damn stubborn to fall over, I keep hugging the rope and begging the other guy to keep hitting me.

Where is the fucking bell? I could use a lozenge.

I could also stand to write a paragraph consisting of more than two lines here.

But let’s not get our hopes up. The pacing of my diction is like the pacing of my brain, its full of jagged rubby bits that connect not well with little purpose and no commas to tell you when to breathe.

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