Original article posted by Olorle:

It was time for history class. Another day of listening to a dull man be asked dumb questions. Of course, Rodney showed up with a question that wasn’t dumb or dull. Then again, he wasn’t asking it to the teacher. He was asking it to me.

Now, plans were made this weekend to be certain that the new game FFXI would be in our grasps at the earliest opportunity possible while still getting our work done for class. Monday and Tuesday nights were layed out and Wednesday held only a single test between us and an afternoon of heavy gaming.

Rodney’s question had jepordized it all.

It seems that any on-line source you might care to check would claim that the game shows up Today Today isn’t Wednsday and rather interferes with our need to accomplish a certain set of tasks. The store still thinks that we’re waiting until Wednesday. To boot, the place that should be sending me a keyboard seems to be jammed up and hasn’t sent a thing just yet.

It seems like a conspiracy. Someone wants to slow down our gaming. Someone thinks we should focus on other things. Someone needs to pay. So the case has no end in site just yet, just questions leading to more questions.

I expect a man with a sap to have words with me any moment now. Best press on.

Zap Rowsdower, Canadian P.I., liscence pending