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So i thought i started work today.

in fact, i even went to walmart last night to purchase a good, businesslike, “professional” looking pair of dress shoes for $29.83.

This morning i woke bright and fucking early at 6:20AM. i went through standard morning procedure, taking extra time to look nice. You know what they say: first impressions are extremely important. Somewhat bleary-eyed, i brewed a cup of earl grey for the drive.

i was SO convinced that i would start working today, that at 7:10, i got on i-15 south and headed towards hurricane, a 50+ mile commute. i was good. i felt productive. just a short drive, a cup of tea, and 45 minutes of 95.9 “the hawk” later, i was pulling into the driveway of my place of employment.

The parking lot was barren. The new office still looked half assembled. Good. i was 10 minutes early. I finished my tea. i filled out my w-4, 1-90, non-compete agreement, company policy acceptance, and non-disclosure agreement. 8:10. Nobody here. i thought perhaps i was at the wrong place. maybe i was supposed to go the old office. i didn’t know where that was.


Perhaps my supervisor had sent me an email last night. i walked a block to the chevron. i could call Hasting from the pay phone. Of course, i never carry any cash, so i’d have to buy something useless, then get cash back with my debit card, then get quarters, which always get spent more easily. i turned back around and headed back a block.

Wait. i had a business card in my wallet. i could call my supervisor and see what’s going on. of course, if he HAD sent me an email last night, then he’ll think i don’t give a rats ass about this job, at least not enough to read communications. Fuck it. i call.

“Hi, Bryan! This is Abe. i’m here at the new office, and i was wondering if i was supposed to be here, or at the old office.”

“…..oooooh. actually….i didn’t realize you were coming in today. Um, you see, were training this week, and…..” etc, etc, etc.

i was offered little apology, only told to mark my travel time down, and they’d pay me for it. how’s that for professional, eh?

So i got back into my car, and started driving back. On the way back home, i did a little math in my head.

(110 miles/day)/(25 miles/gallon) * $1.89/gallon = $8.31 wasted on gas per day.
(110 miles/day)/(80 miles/hour) = 1.375 hours wasted per day.
$6.00/hour * 25 hours/week = $150/week.
$150 – (4 * $8.31) – (4 * 1.375 * $6.25 at other job that doesn’t provide the fucking hours i need) = $150 – $33.24 – $34.37 – $29.83(shoes) – car maintainence – sleep – time to do anything else = THIS FUCKING BLOWS.

i hope that this condition improves. i didn’t enjoy driving 110 miles today for a profit of $5.19.

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Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: Non-Profit Organization
People are always asking what happned to the Puritan work ethic that made this country strong.

i know what happened to it. It fled when everyone realised that they were working really hard to make sure that they got to heaven and then someone started preaching a “good works are pointless” doctrine.

I don’t work for anything that isn’t me. There is no greater good that I serve by being part of a work force. Not that I don’t want a job, I jost don’t pretend that it is an Earth changing event.

Nickname: Olorle
Re: Non-Profit Organization
I’m always afraid that something silly like that will happen when I try to show up for something. A shame you had to deal with such non-sense. It’s also a shame there isn’t enough usefull employment around to succeed without dealing with non-sense. Succeeding thoroughly is much nicer.