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Today is a great, great day. I have just finished with a mountain of homework that had been piling up since last Wednesday. I mowed my lawn, and the house is cleaned. I have Yinged my Yangs, buttered my sleep where I bread, and everything is on an even keel.

But it hasn’t all been fairy tale jaunts through gum drop gardens. Oh, no.

I’ve been completely obsessed the entire time.

When sleep overtakes me, and I enter the dreamscape, I am carried away in a vision. Stevie Ray Vaugn comes to me, but I don’t see him in detail, only as a representation of pure, untainted blues energy. If his chi could speak, it would’nt speak at all. It would just sing the blues, baby. Stevie takes me aside, and says: “You’ve let me down, you’ve let us all down”. I look around me, and I see Sonny Boy Williamsson, Freddy Green, all of the Masters. Then Stevie looks me right in the eyes, and says: “You’ve got to play, son. If I don’t hear better things coming out of you soon, you’re gonna be cut from our list, and boy, you don’t never want that”. The most indescribable terror and shame wraps its hands around my guts and begins to squeeze.

Then I wake up.

Most people say they wake up sweating from nightmares, but I don’t. I wake up freezing. Ice cold. A true nightmare empties you of all conscious thought, so that all that remains is that viscous, stark terror sloshing in your brain.

I knew Stevie had spoken to me. He has given me a calling, a quest. The essence of The Blues is not being fed, not being nurtured. The magnetic north of Blues no longer points in one direction, it wanders.

I have to play.

I have to make my guitar scream until every last ear on this earth has been punctured and bleeds nothing but soul.

The Gods of The Blues demand it.

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Nickname: thewendy
blues journey
there is a pretty children’s book called “blues journey” by Walter Dean Myers.
I use it when I teach my students about where their music comes from and how it has impacted literature.

The illustrations and words are incredible.
Myers should have made a CD to sell with it.

enjoy being haunted.

Nickname: squishous
Re: “Get out of my miiiiiind!!”
so when do we hear you at the Kat?

Nickname: Soft_Pen
Re: “Get out of my miiiiiind!!”
I will gladly perform, when I have freed up some time this coming summer. I will be performing with my longtime friend Nic Chamberlain. Now, please don’t be angry if we happen to throw a little America and Bread in there, too. I can’t be blamed, only my mother- she made me listen to it, and I’ve loved it all my life!