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Entry 42 – March 25

I’m not exactly certain where I’m going to have to start drawing lines in the sand around here, but I know that it is soon and that no one will like them.

The number of submissions per day is reaching the point that I will have to set some kind of proverbial standard for what gets posted. A lot of people will not appreciate that, but I’m going to do it all the same.

Yesterday was a gigantic sort of day. A mile stone. An event that primitive tribes slaughtered other primitive tribes to commemerate. And I got really sick by the end of it.

Puking whirling dizziness and my left eye swollen bad enough you could see it from a distance. This was not the sort of thing I wanted. It caused me to go to bed in dread and pain. And I had to stop playing FF XI which is a crime above crimes and a thing that I hope no one has to expereience too often.

Not that you should spend all of your time playing a game, but hell, everyones entitled to a hobby. My other hobbies are painting minatures (Which has cost me a sum of $1200 for the nearly 300 of them that I have.) And writing, which is a career choice and no longer really sits in the purely hobby category.

I still have no job, but I’m applicating again. Applicating. Like that stuff you put on clothing in the 70’s. That was a hobby. Yeah, real nice.

I had this talk with Xiao. A, “the only true way to live is to be loving and friendly, and no one gets to define us,” kinda talk. I appreciate that it happened. It was a good moment.

I really do always feel like I’m intruding when I talk to her. There is a long list of people set to occupy her time and I have intentionally placed myself near the bottom out of a sense of duty. Someone should stop me from doing that.

Now. Now I need to eat some cereal and take on that day. It will never expect me to strike at nearly 3 pm.

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.

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