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“Its about time someone showed up,” scowled Rodney. “Three more minutes and I would have had to do all this myself.” Rodney finished removing the last of the needles and got uneasily to his feet. Dr. Shu moved to catch him as he wobbled. “Lay off, just get me my gear so we can get out of here.”

Shu handed over a bag. “It’s all in there. The items you requested.”

Rodney looked through the bag: boots, jeans, shirt, overshirt, trenchcoat, tonfas, the wood handled shinobi. He got dressed. “Where’s my hat?”

Shu was watching at the door. “I kept that seperate. Here.”

Rodney donned his fedora. “Now, lets check out of here, Reynolds style.”

Shu nodded and they proceeded into the hallway. Nothing to the left, the guard on the right had already been subdued on the way in by Dr. Shu.

“What kind of opposition are we facing here?” said Rodney.

“Escape from the hospital will be quite simple, I will wheel you out under a cart. The problem is getting out of the city.”

Rodney shook his head. “We’re not leaving until Marsden pays.”

Dr. Shu nodded solemnly. “As you wish, but that is a task we have been trying to accomplish for sometime. What makes you think we can do it so simply?”

Rodney smirked his little half smile, “Normally you have tried to work secretly and quietly, this time we’re going to ram straight down their throats.”

“We shall proceed with your plan, you have long been an ally to our organization, Ravenpaine. But first we must get you out of the building.”

Rodney kneeled down, surveying a cart of drugs and supplies next to the wall. “Agreed. This thing looks large enough.” A nearly empty vial got his eye. Dixompetrin, it read. “Shit. The bastards shoved me full of dix.”

Dr. Shu, “What does that do, and hurry into the cart, someone will discover the guard.”

“I know that. Look, dix is a drug designed for intensive psychotherapy it creates a state of waking, lucid dreams. With this size of a dose it’s likely that I won’t be able to seperate fact from fiction for at least thirty hours. Right now, I’m not even sure your real. But, hallucination or not, you are wheeling me out of here, now.” Rodney climbed in the cart.

Dr. Shu opened the door a second time and proceeded the cart into the hallway. The wing was closed down to isolate Rodney for the questioning. Most of the regular staff had been called to emergenices in other areas by a series of “unfortanate” incidents that the police had “stopped.” Dr. Shu moved at pace. Looking nonchalant to the casual eye, but to the trained eye he was a viper, mid-strike. He made it forty yards to the first set of large double doors seperating the care ward from the lobby anteroom when trouble struck.

Two more CC SWAT where on guard. Whether they were given orders by Barnes ahead of time, or if they were just antsy was uncertain. But they both pulled their guns at the sound of the opening door.

Dr. shu gave the cart a heafty shove and ducked below the first shot. He swept the one on the left and grabbed the arm of the one on the right. A quick pull and both men were in a pile in front of him. A second to move their helmets, a second to strike their throats and they were gone.

Inside the cart Rodney waited for motion to continue. Two imps, standing on his balled up knees were having a conversation about the proper consistency of linguine. Rodney was having difficulties not telling them off. The drug, have to remember the drug, he told himself.

There were two thumps and a set of short noises then the cart resumed motion. The imps moved on to the relative attractiveness of Jessica Simpson to Mandy Moore and Rodney couldn’t help but try to strangle them both. Sadly, they were intangible.

A second thump as the cart went through the double doors and into the supply room. Dr. Shu tapped on the top and Rodney got out.


“Nothing heavy,” said Dr. Shu. “From here we shall enter the ventilation and crawl out the heat exhaust on the roof. I have a car waiting just past the ladder on the opposite side. We shall be undedected.”

Rodney nodded and removed the duct cover. “That assumes that they didn’t place anyone on the roof. I don’t like assumptions.”

It took an hour to crawl through the labrynthtine duct work and onto the roof.

There were guards. Ten of them, standing in pairs. And they opened fire almost immediately.

Dr. Shu ducked low into a ninja run, straight at the first two. Rodney drew his sword and side stepped at the back two.

They struck together. Dr. Shu immobolizing them with swift blows to the torso and neck. Rodney stabbed the one on the left in the chest, pulled him to the right and withdrew, stabbing the one on the right witht the back swing.

A hail of bullets tore through the falling corpsess and Rodney used the one on the right as a shield while moving towards the next pair. Dr. Shu was nowhere to be seen, but the sound of snapping spines indicated that he was far from gone.

Rodney shoved the corpse over and rolled forward. A single up-strike disabled another officer and a straight chop took out the other.

This left only one pair. Dr. Shu grabbed the one on the left and dislocated his arm, spinning him around Dr. Shu grabbed the other arm and dislocated it as well. Grabbing the man’s head Dr. Shu twisted it 180 and dropped him.

Rodney jumped up on the others shoulders and stabbed down, through the helmet and past the chin. As the man fell, Rodney pulled back and resheathed the blade. “From here to there then.”

They left the roof and got in the car. Rodney drove. They had to make up for some lost time.