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I know that we have already mentioned this, but it is back up with new material. The site may go down due to heavy traffic, but keeping trying it is really important.

And several other Blogs, such as Will Wheaton dot net and Neil Gaiman.com have referenced the site this week.

But we saw it first!

Yes, the intrepid news gathering power of the citizens of Six Mile Village have defeated better known news sources about and around.

just makes you proud to be a member… Unless your not, then you get no pride.

Orginal comments:

Nickname: ravenpaine
For anyone who cares to know this whole web site and all its materials are quite fictitious and should be disregarded as fact.

They should be maintained as an interesting thing to think about and perhaps to ponder, as Neil Gaiman does, why anyone would bother creating such an odd hoax.

Read the LA Times article on the subject