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Recently I told you all about a friend of mine that was being harassed by her ex. Here’s a little update. It gor worse before it got better. For example: he constantly called her (at home and on her cell) until she threatened to call the police, then he started calling friends and family, even those in New York.

Seems like he did other things like follow her around, but I can’t remember right now. I thought I should also mention that she wasn’t engaged to the other guy as soon as I probably made it sound. I don’t actually know when it was though. Well, there you go. Now I have successfully wasted a portion of your time. Let’s see if I can waste more.

My brother has a lot of Star Trek Enterprise episodes on his computer and I have to say that I have become somewhat addicted, which is very very bad because if I don’t turn them off immediatly I get sucked in and have a hard time doing my homework.

Stupid homework, can’t wait ’til stupid school is out and don’t have to take stupid tests… anyway… oh, that reminds me.

Blaine, if you ever read this, I apologize, I didn’t bring the Trek CD’s last time I went home. So unless you want to come up her and get them you’ll just have to wait ’til next time.

I have to state the fact that I despise the whole parking situation up here. I woke up late yesterday so I was just going to go the last 20 minutes of my class, but when I got up to campus I couldn’t find a parking space for 15 freaking minutes! I was just slightly irritated because I ended up missing my Chinese class.

Speaking of, I’ve been seriously thinking studying abroad. Particularly in China. I would be able to go there for a semester and teach English; it would cost the same as tuition. Stuff to think about, eh? I hope this doesn’t freak out mom too much when she reads this.

Well, I feel that I have wasted enough of your life, and my class is about to start. Thank you for reading the random thoughts of jMichelle,
have a nice day. 😀

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I strongly encourage you to do the China thing. I went to Hefei a year ago and taught English. It was wonderful.