Original article posted by Minty:

I do not have a blood inferiority complex!

Well not exactly…

Ok I’ll explain this in terms Im sure most of you readers will understand.
If I were a character in a movie, series, or manga I wouldn’t get killed thirty minutes/pages into the story. The weight of the world surely wouldn’t hang directly upon my broad shoulders though I’m sure my deft hand would play a part in the heroes quest to rid the world of evil. My character would be developed enough for you to like, or loath, me and I’m sure I’d get one or two episodes/chapters devoted to my back story.

Why this sudden rant from a girl whom normally avoids posting any sort of personal information or feelings? Probably what spurs most people to do things like this, someone jokingly mentioned I have an inferiority complex. I disagree. There’s a difference between a humble nature and a complex.

So Nyah.

The Never, Ever Serious Minty Girl.