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Rodney put the stones back in the bag. “Great, psuedo mystical powers and a destiny to defeat a guy with a cryptic “The” name, I love today. Have i mentioned that? Have I? Because I obviously should have taken the time to tell you all about it.

Dr. Shu fumed quietly, in that way asians do, they won’t actually tell you what you did to them, or even that something happened, not yet, no; you’ll find out what it is that you did to them six months from now when they hammer you with a list of things.

Rodney ignored it outright. A nude man running outside the window had his attention. He rolled down the window. “What do you want?”

The men glanced sideways, “Sorry can’t talk long, I really must concentrate on whats in front of me. You really do not want to hit a rock or a car at 40 mph on foot. It is nasty, believe you me.”

“Look,” said Rodney, “is there a point to you being here? Something useful you could impart?”

The man leapt over an irregularity in the road. “That was a close one. Oh yes, yes indeed, I did have one message for you. The forces of The Walker are many and varied, you would do well to attack on all fronts and defend from the high wall. There you have it, best be off, my heart rates dropping.” The man sped up and quickly outpaced the car.

“I hate my subconscious. I hate it. Look imps no more nude running people, creepy.” The imps had followed him and were continuing to have philisophical debates in the rear of the car. For the most part this did not bother Rodney, except that, honestly? Everything bothers Rodney. “Dr. Shu, I thought I told you I’m driving.”

Dr. Shu was still sulking, ‘You did, Ravenpaine, but then you collapsed on the roof. You need to sit still for now until we arrive, hopefully you will be strong enough for the coming ordeal.”

This annoyed Rodney, “I’ll ordeal you,” he retorted. “Now shove aside and lets get this thing going.”

Dr. Shu refused. “It is unwise to let a man, even of your abilities drive when he is impaired by drugs and weakness.”

Rodney toppled over the seat and started shoving Dr. Shu aside. “Yeah, well, I have two things to say to that. One, Xiao drives all the time despite the fact she shouldn’t, and two Rodney isn’t always in charge around here. I’ll handle this.

Dr. Shu shifted into the passanger seat. “You’re voice? What is this?”

“Someone didn’t read enough into what goes on around here, I’m Vincent.”

Dr. Shu considered this information carefully. “I know that name. You are one of the three. You seek redemption?”

Vincent nodded, “Yes, technically, Olivier, Raguel, and myself are all earthbound seeking something. Not necessarily redemption. We have our reasons.

Dr. Shu brightened. “Our chances are improving then. Two great souls reside in that shell, together we might have the power to deter The Walker.”

“Let’s get one thing straight Dr. Shu, unless you happen to be the reincarnation of a legendary hero then there’s only one great soul here. Him.” Vincent pointed in the center of his chest. “I’m just here to make sure a couple of things happen between now and when I’m gone. Now, if you’ll brace yourself, we’re being followed.”

It was true a group of black sedans and a SWAT van had formed a V-formation behind them. The lead car took that moment to accelerate around the left side, forcing Vincent onto the right shoulder. Vincent’s eyes gazed steadily forward. He took a sharp right through a narrow alley.

Dr. Shu looked back. “We lost them.”

Vincent’s hands tightened around the wheel, his foot tensed. “Not exactly.”

As the emerged from the narrow street they got a glimpse of a row of tire spikes spread across the road. Vincent jammed the car left, the back end slammed into the wall of the alley. Flipping the emergency brake, turning a hard right, and gunning it, Vincent flipped the car a full 360 in less than 10 feet. He released the brake and they shot down the alley they had just vacated.

“Now we’ve lost them.”