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i am way too old to be head over heals for some guy.

someone make me feel like i did a few years ago- when i could be in love with anyone and not care at all that they loved me back.

(Translation, I did call the guy-the cute one. We went out again last night. Will go out again this weekend. Adore the energy that is him. And I am just too insecure to be doing this dating thing anymore.)

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Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: i am too old
Shame on the Wendy. You know how this going to make Hastings feel? If you are old then she is acnienct or something. Maybe she can just be the Matron and wear the title with grace and pride.

You, on the other hand, will always be what you are – a seeker of passion. And if this guy has something in him that you must experience then by all means, I figure you will scarcely be able to contain yourself. It is just that this time around, you’re more interested in him then you feel you should be. Maybe your just getting out of the habit of living the adventure.

Anyway, its a thought. Enjoy your day.

Nickname: gandhi2
says the ancient matron’s husband…
you’re lucky. my first grey hair came last year. and – 😛 – its never too old to be in love. i really hope that he returns your feelings. you deserve to be happy.

Nickname: Olorle
Re: i am too old
Too old is a myth.