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Entry 45 – April 3, 2004

There is a reason that I’ve been thinking that line recently. It has something to do with purpose and something to do with intent. It also has something to do with standards. There is no point in holding yourself up to the critiscm of the unwashed masses who do not do as you do. Their opinion is invalidated by nothing more impressive than their existances.

I am a curmdugeon and am, therefore, only subject to critiscm by the same.

It is a handy sort of system, the kind of system where you can live your whole life by a set of standards and principles, that, by an large, only have to matter to you. No one else gets to say anything about it.

Except, of course, when you break the rules. And we all know what happens when you break the rules, you go to Danny Elfman’s house of pain. That is what happens when you break the rules. So don’t do that. Don’t cross over into the world where you show your works to those who will not understand or value what it is that you have done. It just won’t work for you. It won’t work for anyone at all.

Which brings me to a rather abrupt point about myself. I’ve become a piece of fiction. And I should have expected this sort of thing to happen eventually. I set myself up for this sort of thing. I lived the kind of life where someone would sit down and start writing my adventures for me. I talk about myself like this is the sort of thing that must go on in my life, so I cannot complain.

And now I’ve been killed too, which is good, I needed to be able to report on the exaggerated state of my own mortality.

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.

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