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I have just had a fantastic weekend. You may want to know the cause, but, you probably don’t. I feel good: the world didn’t give me a wedgie and then pull my underwear over my forehead (today, at least):

My youngest daughter, Macie (the two year old), finally has hair long enough to put into pigtails. Now, she has two little wispy sprouts of hair on either side of her head, and when she runs around they bob up and down, or, if she’s really cruising, bend gently backwards in a soft flutter. And when they came out, I got to call her Batman, ’cause her upright hair had spread out just so.

My older daughter, Abbie, is well on her way to becoming a worldclass artist. She can draw a human face, and the eyeballs even have irises. I am amazed at her ability at the age of four to produce consistent work, and I am very excited at the prospect of living comfortably off of the revenue of her talent.

I figured out a tough lick on a Stevie Ray Vaughn song. It takes patience to train your ear to hear those notes, but the pay off is fabulous.

I was introduced to Lightnin’ Hopkins. The recordings are terrible (we’re talking 20’s technology here), but I love his style – soft 12 bar blues on an Epiphone acoustic, punctuated by furious oblique bends, twangy pull-offs, and outright jack hammer picking.

The room where my computer rests is completely clean. There truly is something to be said about not working amid filth. You can walk from the door to the swivel chair without fear; without having to tip toe between discarded Twix wrappers, tangled guitar cords, CD cases and Cheerios. It seems as if my mind is able to expand and fill up the corners in that room, now that it no longer resembles a blast site.


Now, I have to ask this: would you people be willing to critique some music I have been working on, if Rodney let’s me post it? It’s not all blues; some is industrial, some is acoustic. It would just be for fun, really. Comments are welcome (demanded?).

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Nickname: Chellee
Re: I’m Happy.
Hi, I’d critique it, if you really want. I just want to know how brutal you want me to be, cuz in an anonymous setting, I can get kind of mean. Unless you’re good. Which you must be. Hello, Stevie. Wow. Anyway, yeah.