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Awhile back I briefed you all on a torturous situation involving a certain guy and this love poem he wrote for me. We’ll, my subtle “I’m not interested in you, leave me alone” tactics have failed. Miserably. This guy has written another poem, only this time, instead of giving it to me, he has decided that it will be among his poems to be workshopped in class on Wednesday.

In addition to the fact that he keeps alluding to the last poem he wrote for me, for which he continuously gets the response “yea…um…it was nice”, this new poem is very straightforward and full of all sorts of “I’m dreaming about you…I’m in love…” This poem thing is starting to creep me out. I’m considering using Wednesday’s class as an opportunity to launch into some serious criticism about love poetry in general. Of course, I am too nice not to apply some tact.

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Re: Love Poetry Still Blows
Intelligent people can understand subtle hints.

Ignorant people do not notice them.

Stupid people notice them and proceed anyway.

Are you sure outright-blunt isn’t a better option?