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I have two weeks of class left and then finals. I can make it, I know I can. I hope. Have you ever felt like the whole semester you’re trying to get into some sort of work/study/sleep schedual, but when you finally do something comes along and screws it up?

Strange, me too.

Nothing has seemed quite concrete this semester, especially money and living conditions; I believe it has affected my grades and not in a good way. blah!

Well, update on my friend for those of you who are following the story (the stalked friend). Her fiance broke up with her and has turned into kind of a, well, moron; his roommate, who barely knows my friend, is more concerned about her wellbeing than he is. She went to court yesterday because the other guy faught the stalker injunction and her ex-fiance was supposed to be there as a KEY witness. However, he said he wasn’t sure if he could miss his class Monday morning even though he had skipped it Friday and he was a friggen witness. So I don’t think he showed.

My friends and I have decided that stalker boy is being controlled by his mother. First of all, he broke up with her. The next day his mother called her and said, “oh, he just made a horrible mistake. You should forgive him and take him back, we could get you a ring and you two could be engaged and get married.” No, I did not make this up. After that was when the guy started calling, and following, and so on. He also referred back to his mother’s opinions whenever he talked to her. We think he probably would have left it all alone had she not jumped right in to save the day.

We also blame it on the large mats of hair on the side of his face; anyone with sideburns like that has to have something wrong.

So there’s your update.

Three weeks of school. May it go by quickly and with the least pain possible.


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Re: Why isn’t it over!?
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… there’s no accounting for some people’s moms…

By the time you’re out of school, your brother will be panicking in Chinese.