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Stop me if you think that I’m wrong but what the hell is going on around here? Have you seen the amount of wrong? Have you? I think that mayhaps you are too far away from it all to properly see what has gone wrong and why.

So let me enlighten you.

Argonauts, heh.

I’ve refused to cop-out on this entry and now present you with further and more evidence of the crapulance that is group projects.

But not right now, now I must go off to find Xiao and get some work from her so that I can but a book together for this group project thing…

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Nickname: Soft_Pen
Re: Why group projects don’t work
I looked group project up in the dictionary, and here’s what it said:

group*project (n):
A situation in which Matthew will do the work for five to six other people with two possible outcomes:

-Matthew will receive no credit if the project is successful
-Matthew will be made the scapegoat for the project’s failure

Does that about some up group project for you?

I keeeed, I keeeed!

Nickname: SmokyWolf
Re: Why group projects don’t work
Although I can understand the theory behind the group project, i.e. “Now that my students are paying for their own education they’ll actually care about learning enough to be involved if I have them work with their fellow students who are equally committed” but the teachers don’t seem to be understanding the flip side of this theory. It doesn’t work. Excuse me, but most of your students don’t care, and those that do are going to get their panties in a twist when they have to carry the load for not just themselves but the slackers that surround them. And those who actually do the work and are slackers feel denied their constitutional right to express their slackerdom by being forced to be involved in a project enough to coordinate meeting times and info-sharing. Note to teachers: Let me sit alone in my dark little corner. I haven’t come out and joined in the society around me for a reason.