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I’m not particularly certain why it is that I am taking the time to add a note of triumph to the site today. But I am.

There are times in your life, such as now, when everything is going less well for you than it could be. I blame high standards. I think that perhaps we are all trying a little to hard to get it all.

Remember back in the day? Grade school, high school, those kind of days? Back then it was enough simply to attend class and then go home to flop on the couch. You might read, you might hang out with the crew, you might watch some TV. No matter what you did though, it fell into that second category. You knew that school was one chunk of the day then everything else was the other chunk of the day.

This is no longer true. Between school, which we don’t attend, and our jobs, which we do not like, we spend less time with our friends, who are never having a good day, and we never can seperate today from tomorrow from yesterday.

And that is why we fail.

I myself am busy not failing. I have been kicking everything for the last two weeks. Sure, I have the occasional crap hour, Monday was sort of horrible for the first half, but I march forward and continue. Stagger onward rejoicing.

So, yeah. Today I am doing what I can. Today I have already registered for the Maymester, gotten $1600 for the summer, taken a French test and even had time to eat breakfast. From here I still have three more tasks to accomplish and then it is four day weekend time. Yes, the glory of it.

By this time next week I will only have three assignments left to complete my semester and I will have enough money to pay for my May rent and my court fine.

I kick so much ass that a new, uber-ass is being created by twisted geneticists hidden in secret bunkers world wide just so that I might actually be challenged.

And, in the words of Spider Jerusalem, I have only just begun to fuck with you people.

Rodney TGAP

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