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My family went to San Fransisco this weekend, to see my dad. I am stuck at home because, oh joy of joys, I have to work all weekend.

I’ve been killing time in various ways. First I went and spent almost $900 on a plane ticket back to New Zealand. Man I miss that place, and now I’m going back, yay! But that only killed a minute or two…

So I put in a DVD of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I got seasons 1-4 from my bf for Christmas). Yeah, did I mention I like that show? I managed to spend about 6 hours watching before I realized that I really should do something else. I’m not an addict, really.

I looked around for something contructive to do…and I decided that instead of doing dishes or something mundane…I was going to take down the Christmas lights.

Yes, we still have (had!) Christmas lights up. I think my mom may have been going for the ‘leave them up all year, don’t have to put them up next year’ thing. But I destroyed her master plan. Bad Stephanie.

I almost killed myself 3 times on the ladder….but hey, I had an adventure today! Or something…

And now it’s almost 7, and I have 4 hours until work. Alas, I have run out of ideas to kill time. My desire to be productive is gone, so I’ll probably surf, and might possibly watch more Buffy.

My life is so fun and…stuff. Somebody stop me. Please.

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Re: I hate Parowan
Yea, Parowan does suck, unless youre a Holyoak or an Adams. Then again if you were either of those you would be related to 90% of the town. Which makes dating and evntualy marrige a sticky situation.