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i light candles for the dead.
not just on samhain, but when they die so that i can wish them well on their journey.

i am tired of lighting candles.

my sister’s kitty was put to sleep last week. we had him as long as Midnight- longer since she died sooner.
the candle for him i burned in my curled up kitty candle holder.

tonight i burn a candle for Rachel.
high school friend of mine and my sister’s.
what made her commit suicide last week at the age of 26
leaving her 8 year-old daughter without a mother
i don’t know.

i have not felt that hopeless desperation of wanting to commit suicide for years.
i know how it feels. i remember its embrace.

i don’t know what darkness brought Rachel to leave this life. i would have known why many years ago, but now i don’t. and am not quite sure what to think. except to be sad for her, and for her little girl who is old enough to feel her mother’s death on a level i can not comprehend.

so please. take care of yourselves. i don’t want to light any more candles in the near future.

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i’ll keep that in mind