Original article posted by Edward_Nigma:

The Poet TS Eliot Wrote in his poem “April is the cruelest month”, and sadly after this week of events in my life dealing with work and health, I would tend to agree. I found myself dipping into the cauldron of self sorrow this week and almost was insistent in staying in it. And further not allowing anyone to rise me from it.

A kind of self contained martyrdom.

As I wouldn’t let those around me know of my sadness, but be bitter if they didn’t make a comment. Many of us do this, expecting those around us of obvious non-clairvoyant nature, to somehow read our minds and say the things we need. But 98% of the time that assurance is denied.

So here I am, Easter morning sitting in church feeling sorry for myself. And I think that’s when the real message of Easter came to me. As each of the speakers expressed their feeling of the event we celebrate on Easter, I glanced at my 4 year old, who was drawing to keep herself occupied during church. She looked into my eyes, and somehow knew what I needed. She proceded to hand me a picture she was drawing; it was as a child draws crude stick figures of disproportionate limbs. I was unsure what the picture was of.

She explained, “Daddy there’s you and me and Mom looking for eater eggs, and see we’re holding hands because we love each other mostest, like Jesus wants us to”.

Needless to say I choked back the rush of emotions and tried to emulate dignity. I’m glad to say that Mr. Eliot was wrong. Easter is the most evident example of selflessness, and I needed to hear it, and as all the greatest lessons given in this life, it came from a pure child. So I hope you all have a great Easter and forget yourselves in your actions for others.