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I should know better than to share such things with you people. But I get the feeling that this, this sense of falling only gets worse with silence.

So I’ve been having panic attacks since December. And up until two days ago they were mild or triggered by something I could easily avoid if not shun. I did not think it was some kind of of physical healthy problem, just a ravingly intense fear that was caused by one bad experienced and heightened by others.

This Sunday evening I layed down to sleep at a friends house in Salt Lake and found I could hear my heart beating, once more I could not breath properly, my breath seemed too shallow and my chest hurt when I did manage to breath. Even now I have some pain but I suspect this has to do more with the onions I had for dinner…ah I’m getting off topic…damn…

Yes, back to the scary, err, panic stricken state of things.

I woke up my friend and proceded to pace and rant until she convinced me a warm shower would help.

It didn’t.

Once again I woke her up so we both went to her living room and sat in recliners until I asked for some asprin and around 4:30 am, fell asleep. I woke up the next morning feeling better but I still felt like I could topple into that abyss of panic at every moment.

The feeling gets better with the passing of days and I feel it is something that will most likely disapear by next weak. Still I’m scared a little even now and I dont know what’s going on. With my mind or my body. Rationaly theres no reason for this.

I am healthier now, I have lost weight, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I don’t consume large amounts of stimulants.

So yes, thats about it all in a nutshell. Oh yeah, I skipped French becuase I finally got some decent sleep. Uhm, woot?

Also I shant be there tommorow either, I have an apointment.

And thats all the rant I have rave for.

Blessed Be and Such Things.

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Nickname: badboyposer
Re: My Heart Betrays
Being involved with someone who has had panic attacks for the past 3 years, i feel I am not an expert but have some advice. Her panic attacks were brought on by certain things that happened to her when she was little, that she had suppressed, and then finally in her college years she started to remember that she had been sexually molested as a child by a male babysitter. She would have these panic attacks and would curl up in a fetal position and would wake up not knowing what happened. Since then she had learned to overcome this by going to therapy, not by taking drugs. She can talk herself out of them and they don’t occur anymore. She overcame them without the use of drugs and whoever takes drugs to overcome there so called mental illness needs to come and talk to me so that I can set them in the right way.

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Yes, there is a reason for it
I’ve been down a similar path. I was going to just do a short reply, outlining my own adventure, as some sort of extended hand of comradeship, but I felt it deserved its own post. Please read; should be up sometime soon.