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Last Easter weekend I had a discussion with my family about how america is getting really fat and that more kids will die from obeisity than any other illness or disease. I suggested that if we didn’t eat so many processed sugars and got out of the house and didn’t watch 30 hours of tv a week that this problem would fix itself. This issue didn’t seem to be of any big concern to them, but it should be since they all have at least two kids each. If We as americans didn’t comsume so much food and got off of our fat lazy butts then maybe we would have the resources to feed other nations and help someone else out for a change than just stuff our faces 24/7.

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Nickname: Junpei
Re: America is FAT!!!
I am very concerned about the obescity of our nation’s youth.
I am also very concerned about the starving children of Other Nations.

Therefor, I suggest we solve these problems and feed our children to theirs.

Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: America is FAT!!!
Finally a solution we can all agree on.