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We are a reactionary society. Think about it. America on the whole rarely acts, we simply react. When we think everything is going well we just sit on our butts and watch the world go by, happy in our apparent perfection. When this equilibrium is upset, we have to find a cause and prevent the cause, no matter how ludicrous.

The 9-11 hearings are what reminded me of this. As horrific as the tragedy was, how really predictible was it to expect a group of terrorists to go kamikazi with three full airliners. Assuming for a moment that we had enough information to predict their actions, if some governmental agency had acted there still would have been hell to pay. Lets say that they stopped the terrorists from boarding the planes. The result? Equal rights groups would have busted the offending governmental agency in the chops.

Lets say that the terrorists got into the air before they were stopped. The U.S. Navy decides to shoot the planes down before they can be used as self-guiding bombs. The result there? The military gets thrashed for destroying all the innocents on those flights.

Now, because they did nothing they are getting pummelled by the government. If, as I believe, they didn’t have enough information to adequately act then they don’t deserve to get raked over the coals for failing to predict the unpredictable.

You know, intelligent terrorists everywhere are going to wait and see what the goverment is going to do to counteract possible future 9-11s and then come up with something that will effectively circumvent all of the safety measures in place. The fact is that all our efforts to be p.c. are making it so that all we can do is react.

For those not familiar with the film “Super Size Me” it’s a documentary about a man who went on a straght McDonalds diet. He gained a great deal of weight and put his health at risk. McDonalds replies by removing the super size option from their menu. Does this increase the health of thier food? Not a jot. But they can pat themselves on the back for “doing something”.

Columbine has completely changed the face of society. There was an elementary schooler who was kicked out for bringing a nail clipper to school (a very dangerous weapon no?). A high school student was expelled for accidentally leaving a dull bread knife in the back of his truck. The police and campus security surrounded the offending vehicle while the offender was pulled out. Obviously they were afraid that he was going to pick up the knife and go cuisinart on anyone that may be too close unless they had a show of overwhelming force.

The worst part about all this is that we’re looking at surface problems. The Columbine students had more that needed to be addressed than the fact that they brought guns to school.

Frequently the responses of the government smack to me of guilding a rotten apple. Granted a golden apple is nice to look at, but 1) it’s not very functional and 2) it’s still rotten. So, a note to whoever may have some control over this situation: it may be more painful to examine the real problems in the world, but it’s the only way to really get anything done. Legislation is going to tie this country into a straitjacket.

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Nickname: Olorle
Re: I’m not a big fan of Golden Apples
I recomend the documentary Bowling for Columbine along these lines.

Nickname: Soft_Pen
Re: I’m not a big fan of Golden Apples
Hear, hear. You hit the nail smack on the cabeza.

Let me tell you what I think about the fall-out of Columbine: we no longer have schools, we have prisons. Ever since Columbine, you can find squad cars in the parking lots of high schools. Even in little burgs like Hurricane and Cedar City you find a police presence on school grounds.

The problem rests with the parents.

Parents (the bad ones) don’t send their children to school to be educated, the send them to be babysat. Parents send their kids to these penitentiaries, not caring a lick about how they are developing as individuals, but only wanting their kids to be out of their hair for eight hours of the day. I had involved parents. Some things I could get by them, but they were very minor things. There is no way I could have kept plans to assault my school with automatic weapons hidden from them. These poor kids have no support from home. If you think I’m blowing hot air up your skirt, just ask any high school teacher what he/she thinks about it.

Nickname: Junpei
Re: I’m not a big fan of Golden Apples
Go see the movie ‘Brazil’.