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If I believe in anything, I believe in hope.

I’ve toiled through rampant supidity, hating what I was doing and wanting to get to the point where it has nearly killed me because of this belief. The funny thing is, the most lasting thing I’ve managed from this is a reputation as a jerk. Wanting to push people free from the stinking miasma of stagnation and stupidity doesn’t sit well with most people. They like the easy road. The status quo.

Now, I don’t claim to have all the answers. Or any of the answers. I just want people to sit up and look at some of the other ideas that exist in this world. I’m not going to tell you what you should or should not believe. I just like acknowledgements that other things exist. I’ll even lend you a copy of some of these other things if you ask nicely.

“Comparing what we are looking for misses the point. It’s wanting to know that makes us matter. Otherwise we’re going out the way we came in. That’s why you can’t believe in the afterlife, Valentine. Believe in the after, by all means, but not the life. Believe in God, the soul, the spirit, the infinite, believe in angels if you like, but not in the great celestial get-together for an exchange of views. If the answers are in the back of the book I can wait, but what a drag. Better to struggle on knowing that failure is final.”
-Tom Stoppard, Arcadia

So I keep trying. I keep attempting to prod people. To make a difference. To find the answers no matter how impossible that might be. I want to ask questions and spend hours of the night bantering with my friends about the possibility of this or that being right. About all of those things people kill one another for , regardless of how close they might be to believing the same thing. I want to talk about Cain and Lucipher and Olivier and Uriel and why angels of death fall. I want to make my own mistakes and find my own path rather than following the yellow-brick road and hoping it doesn’t lead me to the wicked witch.

Stagnant is dead. Ninja proverb.

Orginal comments:

Nickname: Junpei
Re: Sequencing Thoughts
“stagnation is death”

they both come with true speed.
for at what point is stagnation truely stagnant?
at what point is death truely dead?

Nickname: Olorle
Re: Sequencing Thoughts
As much as your statement is lovely and retorical enough that I should leave it be, I’m afraid I’m still going to be forced to try and answer.
I think both of these points are reached when questions stop.

Nickname: Junpei
Re: Sequencing Thoughts
the pool asks no questions, and yet can become stagnant

it’s waters change, move, and flow

when it is still, rot sets in, stagnation builds, and death arrives

the waves keep the pool alive

a boy may ask a thousand questions. if he never change, improve, learn and grow, he will stagnate

the question was, indeed, retoric. by answer it, you have set it aside, and have claimed to understand it. by understanding something, we know all that there is. we set it aside and know no more, we needn’t question what we understand. and by doing so, our opinions stagnate, die, and can no longer grow.

by stating one is correct, one is automatically, wrong.