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We’re on to you, Rodney. We’re soooooo on to you. You can’t expect to fool all of us all of the time! I knew that, deep down, you hate the Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day parades and my mother’s apple pie! You are a Class 3B Commie-Devil, and there is no point in you trying to deny it! You and all of your evil friends are trying to take over this country! I’ve seen the teeny red Daihatsus that you and your Japanese confederates are driving around town, trying to make our SUV’s look bad! I’ve noticed your oh-so-subtle remarks about how “French fries were invented in France”! They were not! Do you think that you can keep pinning up your posters, “Communism is more fun than American Idol!”, with impunity? You can’t! Do you think that you can overcome the great American ideals of progress and Wal-Mart? Think again! I’ll stop you! I have a plan of action!

1- I will start an anti-Class 3B Commie-Devil campaign. Our slogan will be: “Rodney sucks!”

2- I will immediately cease all communication with people who aren’t raging fans of the Dick Van Dyke show.

3- I will no longer eat the delicious #2 Dinner Special at Kwan’s Chinese in St. George. (Well, I’m not 100% decided on that one…)

4- Finally, I will stick my fingers in my ears and hum “Yanke Doodle Dandy” every time you open your Marxist- Leninist- Zaoist- Stalinist- North Vietnam-loving mouth.


Actually, Rodney, I love ya. Just don’t let those movies get to ya. I know, it’s hard. I spent a week in a kilt, feigning a Scottish accent after I saw Braveheart. (I don’t dare tell you what I did after watching Thelma & Louise).


Folks, let’s all forgive Rodney his impetuousness, as he forgive us ours.

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This was a joke?
Aww, man, you had me all excited and everything…