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For those of you who know my ‘other’ name this little rant won’t reveal anything about me. You should be used to me going off about my least favorite professor or the drivers in this quaint little town. But, for those of you who have only read the few things of mine that have been posted on this site you might think of me as a timid and all-too-often “pc” person. It’s not really true.

Do you want to know why I defend my country? Because of the ideals that our ancestors died to protect and our founding fathers sought when they put their signatures on a little piece of paper. I strive to revive those ideals. I am not blind to the idiocies of our current administration. I know dark stains in our countries past that you won’t find in any history books (at least not ones in the states). I abhor the atrocities of man that have been done in the name of “God and Country”. I cringe with guilt in the presence of those who have been wronged by our society, and I weep at the loss that American dominance has inflicted upon the cultures of this earth. But, there is no place I would rather be – no place I would rather raise my children than here.

Why? Crime is higher in the US than in most other countries of the world, so it’s not safer. Our public schools rank lower than most ‘modern’ societies, so they’re not going to be any better educated. Why? I stay here because of the concept of ‘home’. I don’t mean a place to kick off your shoes and sleep, although that is part of it, I am talking about a concept that drives people to pick up whatever they can to defend a piece of ‘soil’ that is so useless that it won’t even grow corn and repel invaders, or die trying. I am talking about the feeling you get when you’ve been away for an extended time and you see the front porch light of your home. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then I weep for you as well.

Do you believe in choices? I think if you don’t like a situation or an event then you have three choices:

#1 – Let it go. This can be the most difficult, because it means really letting it go, not trying to ignore the insistent thrum of unknown voices. It means having the maturity to put this event in perspective and deciding it isn’t worth the effort or the energy that it would take to change.

#2 – Bitch about it and do nothing. This is the absolute worst thing you can do. It causes the bitcher to become more emotional about the situation, and more guilty at the their lack of ability to change the situation. It also forces the ones being bitched at to decide whether there is any validity to the situation.

#3 – Do something about it. I like to think of it as deciding to play the game. The trick is to decide how much you want to invest in the game so that you can pull out if it isn’t working. There are definitely times when our all is the minimum requirement.

As for this country, my home, I have not yet decided to throw in the towel. This is still a place founded on good ideals and principals, and with a good foundation there is always hope. I hope we can get back to those ideals as a nation, I also hope that it doesn’t take major disasters (natural and otherwise) to get us there. For this country, for my piece of soil, I choose to give my all. We should be standing together and fighting the injustices of our society, not bitching about it on the internet. If we stand, then maybe others will. There are already many people standing for what they believe is right, perhaps all we have to do is find a place to add our voice.

For those of you who think that I am believing past the point of logic, then I ask you what do you believe in? Or are you an empty husk trying to fill yourself by destroying the passions of others? Do you try to tear down beliefs and shake the trees of tradition for the benefit of others or the benefit of your indignation? Misery really does love company. Is it worth destroying another person’s Utopia because you know more than they do? Not unless you have something better to take its place.

Because ignorance really can be bliss.

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Nickname: Olorle
Re: Why I defend the US
I all ready stated what I believe in with my last post.

Now, for some commentary on the rest of this. First off, your #3 involves the concept of quiting if you don’t get your way. That’s a bit childish for my taste. Next, yes I will destroy absolutely any Utopia that I see pretending to exist. Utopian societies involve people being perfect. People are not perfect. If we were, what exactly would the point be? I’m of the opinion that choice is far better than the illusion of perfection. It’s why so many people have died in revolutions against supposed Utopian societies. Last, up yours. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is just another illusion people try to hide their fears inside of. Grow up. Face the world. Read a book.

Nickname: SmokyWolf
Re: Why I defend the US
Before I begin, I have to say that I would defend the U.S. as well. On the other hand, I don’t know exatly why yet, but I know I would.
However, I think that it is sometimes better to just say I don’t really know why I believe what I believe than to try to invent something, which is what this feels like.
Ignorance can be bliss yes, but intentional ignorance is inane stupidity. If I choose to ignor the facts of the world around me then I choose to live in a fantasy world. Anyone who lives in a fantasy world for too long cannot leave said fantasy world without severe emotional backlash.
Is it not possible that the rantings and fumings on this site serve two valid purposes?
First, can we not say that we are using this forum to explore and understand our own ideas before we commit ourselves to a cause in which we do not believe?
Secondly, is it not possible that we are trying to do something about the situation by presenting these views to the world?
And a final point: is it not possible that we are indeed doing something about the situations? This forum isn’t exactly condusive to showing what exactly we do in life.

Nickname: -soma-
Re: Why I defend the US
Hmmmm… Suppose ignorance really is bliss. Still, someday you’ll have to face reality. Best be prepared

Nickname: Olorle
Re: Why I defend the US
This is an interesting final point. I certainly don’t know what all of you do in your free time. Perhaps you’re leading viscious underground guerilla orginizations to right the wrongs in the world. It’s a bit over-zealous, perhaps even inquisitionesque, to condem people without any actual facts.

Nickname: Soft_Pen
Re: Why I defend the US
Would I defend this country? You bet. Is there a lot of things wrong with this nation? Of course. Have I been out in the world, and seen what else there is to offer? Yup.

Honestly, I love this country, but am sorrowful about some of its people. I love it for its goodness, hate it for its evil. But, one could say that about Iceland, too.

We do A LOT in this country to help others. If there were more selfish people than unselfish people in the U.S., it would be a much worse place to live in.

I love the freedoms of this country. I love being able to sit in my armchair and watch the Indiana Jones trilogy over and over, just cause I can. I love going to a grocery market and having THOUSANDS of choices available to me. I love how I can (by and large) speak my mind and not be put in jail for it. I love being able to play the blues, and not have to sing about Stalin, for fear of being labeled a traitor. I love being able to make money, buy property, and lounge around in my underwear when the heat in St. George reaches 190 degrees in summer.

Right now, it’s more fashionable to protest America than it is to support it. Hey, fine, that’s your perogative. I think that people need to acknowledge the good this country does. THAT YOU DO.

Nickname: Junpei
Wisdom of Junpei
Ignorance is not knowing something is wrong and doing it.
Stupidity is knowing something is wrong and doing it anyway.

Ignorance is bliss.
Stupidity is… how shall I say, counter-productive?


Your list of options is flawed, because you cop out.
There are three ways to fix a problem:

#1: Change yourself. Accept that the car is going to hit you, like it. Accept that she doesn’t love you anymore, like it. Eat the lemons and change yourself to love lemons.

#2: Change the world. Stop the car, or move. Make her love you. Turn the lemons into lemon juice, if that happens to be your thing. (I guess you could also make a battery out of it or something if you don’t.) Or you could just get rid of the lemon.

#3: Do nothing. Let the car hit you. Be bitter about your fallen relationship. Ignore the lemon, no one says you have to eat it. Also, no one says you need to make snap decisions. Sometimes, the car will stop, she will come back, and maybe the dog eats the lemon or something.

Nickname: squishous
Re: Why I defend the US
No need for harsh words. If you don’t agree with me then don’t make the mistake of being an ass when you could share an opinion. I love to read. I’ve almost graduated past “go Pug, go!”

Nickname: SmokyWolf
Re: Why I defend the US
Y’know, one of the points that you make is that though you don’t have to sing about Stalin, if I want to I can sing my guts out about the man (not saying that I want to, but the fact remains that I could).