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I have no idea what I mean by that. Nevertheless, I forge onward after the manner of very fat people rolling down stairs while horrified onlookers can only gasp and wonder where’s the guy with the whip, hat, and golden idol?

I’m going to have to pay for that one someday.

So, I’m in a good mood today. Perhaps recklessly so, but I can’t tell. I think it began last night as I studied my Book of Mormon. I find I have a new understanding of the scriptures lately – which makes me happy.

A Highlight of my day came on my way to the Temple this morning. A young lady in dark colored clothing – including skirt, sensible shoes, glasses, and a stern expression – rode past on an old-fashioned (well, 1950’s) bike while clutching what could only be her art portfolio. Our little group of missionaries waved at her. She smiled slightly and rang one of those bicycle bells. We all decided that when we buy our bikes in Taiwan we will also purchase those bells.

And delight will be had by all. Thus it was written.

I don’t know why it made me happy, but it did. It was like seeing a sparrow perched on a brick wall. Both odd and delightful.

Add to that the fact that it’s Thursday – which is my mail day – and I’m happy. Major Tom (Sanderson) sent me a page of computer edited photos of the past, including he and I in a theater with a disembodied Bearded-Blaine floating in the background, labeled “Obi-Blaine-Kenobi” because he was there only in spirit.

I am mostly recovered from my cold and now fare only the trial of excess mucus. I believe Job was briefly tormented by this one. Hopefully that problem will clear up before Sunday when I’m expected to sing in mixed company. (my thanks to Kayeleen who provided the music).

My old nemesis, Doctor Insomnia, has found me again. Luckily, my Goku pillow scares him off. I think it’s due to Taiwan being only 2 weeks away. I find myself awake at night wondering and wondering.

Chinese remains a foreign language. Our favorite teacher wrote a sentence for us to learn: “houqi de houzi hen haoqi” which means “the latter-day monkeys are very curious.” And for all I know it’s true. I’ll find out in a couple of weeks.

Thanks to all who write. I will only have Thursday and Sunday to write back to anybody, so if you want your very own, authentic letter from Elder Hamblin the time to write is today. Then I’m off to another place where few will understand me.

My next letter will include my mission address, however, if I am to communicate anything personal it will probably be through email.

I don’t know why I mention it, except that perhaps I’m trying to give my mom or dad more to type up.

No personal messages this week. Much love to all.

Form the land of yesteryear ‘till the world of tomorrow,

Elder Hamblin

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Elder Greg Hamblin
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Love, the letter nazi.