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The grand decision is: Creative Spelling. In this case, it is also partially ebonics, in a twisted sort of way. Creative Spelling is not a new art. It is as old as the phenomenon of… well, stupid people.

Some examples of Creative Ebonic Spelling?


crayon=kran or kren







Well, I think you all get the general idea. From now on, I will spell things like people in Utah say them. I realize that this could have frightening implications, but it’s probably just an empty threat. I haven’t the patience nor the time to sit and think of this every day. But feel free to share your versions of Ebonic Creative Spelling. It’ll be entertaining.

Orginal comments:

Nickname: SmokyWolf
Re: Creeaytiv what?
There are almost no people in Utah who speak Ebonics my dear. The fact is that Ebonics is actually a form of speech created in the ghettos and taught in some classrooms. Isn’t it nice that if a group of people persist in speaking poorly that in time they may be recognized no longer as people with poor grammar, but as creators of a new dialect? We here in Utah speak “Happy Valley” a combination of Southern Californian and the Southern of the Confederacy with a shortage of true four letter words. To speak and write Utahn, just get lazy and hyper at the same time. No mean feat eh?

Nickname: Chellee
Re: Creeaytiv what?
Well, I have to agree with your definition of ebonics. I don’t think it’s clear to you, dear, that I was just messing around. I don’t consider Ebonic Creative Spelling to be a dialect. The way people around here talk may be considered a dialect by some, I suppose… But when I place items under “Funny Stuff”, I’m clearly not being very serious or thoughtful…

Nickname: Dyistar
Re: Creeaytiv what?
Couldn’t help but add this one.

Naked = nekkid

Nickname: squishous
Re: Creeaytiv what?
one of my pet peaves is how people in this lovely state pronounce the days of the week.

monday = mondee
tuesday = tuesdee

it’s enough to inspire a entire new group of ‘four letter’ words. like “fetch” or “flip” or “buck”. All I have to say about that is “OI”!