Original article posted by Stephanie:

Ok, so not good reasons…but you’ll let me talk about it, right?? Oh thanks…

First off, let me say that I’m pathetic and stereotypical. Meaning I’m being such a girl about my ex. I’m trying to stay friends with him, I’m trying to convince myself that I’m ok with it. But no. Everytime I talk to him, it’s like the knife is still in my heart and he’s twisting it (hello to the pain). And yet, I still talk to him, I yearn to talk to him. I’m not being psycho stalker about it, but I really do need to just stop and push him out of my life.

Really, I haven’t spent much time with him or thinking about him. But, thinking about him at the moment, so he goes first.

Friday is opening night of the Parowan community theatre play, The Music Man. You should go. I don’t have a big part, so I won’t ruin it for you. It starts at 7 and is only $5, unless you can convince them that you are under 12 or over 55…

Now that I’ve plugged that, let me say that working on this play has been a mixture of heaven and hell. I’ve had tons of fun, but the fun has been mixed fairly evenly with backstabbing and cat fights and just small town politics. Blah.

But, it’s almost over. After next weekend…well, we’ll be starting to work on a new play. Ha.

I’ve been a slacker in most other things in my life. My friends remain unvisited. Greg remains..unwrited. And my bed remains unmade.

I’m going to New Zealand again next month, for better or for worse. Well, pretty much for goodbye. I’m determined to have a fabulous time, so I have several friends promising to take me out and help me party. It could so easily be a sobfest, but I’m so dang stubborn…I’m going to make it happy.

The rest of my life is a blur. I’m just waiting to feel normal again. I don’t know if that is stupidity or laziness… But I’ll figure it out someday.

I hope.