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I Keep You

in a box I can’t
send back miles
of long, unpaved
regret roads walked
barefoot in every dream
in every room
in every heavy
rain we ever
slept in.


Hmm. I use every too much. maybe.

So Brent, my dear, clear-headed, logical friend of ten years, had coffee with me on monday. He showed up at my house on friday, grabbed my ski/camping gear, and told me to get my depressed ass in the truck.

Brent doesn’t talk about emotions, philosophy, religion, etc.
We hike, climb, and ski together.

I am always amazed at his ability to know what i am feeling and needing without asking about it. In this case I needed desert, snow, and a long drive.

That is how I ended up at Hasting’s home on Friday evening on my way to pick up a raft in vegas. It was not enough to be with you guys for a few hours. It feels dreamlike. I did appreciate the hugs, being used as a scratching post, and being able to see the little critter. So thanks for all of that.

We went skiing and camped near Parowan Saturday night. I got what I needed. I can get out of bed in the morning.