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I haven’t been sleeping well for the last week or so. I blame it on the nightmares. I doubt that there is anything prophetic in them, because I have yet to have the same one twice. Yet, night after night I awake with a pounding heart and a second skin of sweat. Sometimes its the childhood monsters that keep me awake. You know the ones, the six-eyed monster under the bed just waiting to bite into your ankle or the three-foot monster hiding in the closet waiting for you to open it so he can jump you and eat your face. No matter how old I get or how many times I tell myself that monsters aren’t real and that I should have grown out of this phase a long time ago, I can’t help but to flip the light and check the room.

Other times its my death. I’ve been in car crashes, had wild animals rip my guts out, or have just been shot or beaten to death. I’ve never actually died in any of them, I’ve always woken up just before. I think its because I heard once that if you die in your sleep then you’ll really die. Just call me paranoid. The closest I came was having a pack of wolves chewing on my legs and everything starting to fade to white. That was one of the few times where I woke up sitting up-right panting with pain fading from my legs.

I wish that there would be some sort of proof that I’m having these nightmares, like a strange mark that looks like teeth marks on my legs, or a light rope burn around my neck when I was dropped but the fall didn’t snap my neck right away, or even just a small mark near my stomach where a bullet pierced me. I wish there was some reason why I was having these dreams. Some sort of connection to the waking world. But I don’t see any. No ghost that suddenly decided to haunt my dreams to get me to help it. No premonition that something is going to happen to me or a loved one. Nothing. And with no hints as to what is happening I have no hints as to what to do about it.

In any case the nightmares have seemed to move on from monsters chasing me and my own death, to having those close to me die. These, I think, are the most disturbing. At first it was just their death, but last night and the night before have been me watching them die, inches away, and unable to save them. Last night I was treated to watching my mother burning to death while I just stood there looking for something, anything to throw on the fire or to pull her out. There was nothing. Instead I watched her slowly collapse and cursing me with her last breath for not saving her. I woke up crying.

I hate these nightmares. My problem is that I don’t know how to get rid of them. My only hope is that they are stress related and after finals everything will be better. However, it is only a hope.

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Nickname: Edward_Nigma
Re: Nightmares
Alot of nightmares are stress related, (how many of us have had the nightmare of being at a new job and getting way behind and swammped in your work) when you sleep your mind goes through all that so it can store and catorgorize events and things learned durring the day. If your still haveing problems after finals you may want to seek some professional help. You may have developed an anxiety disorder or you may just need a perscription sleep aid for a month or so. Good Luck

Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: Nightmares
Ha! I thnk I shall prescribe neither medication or professional help.

True, that stress stuff can do some nasty things to your dreams.

But, until May 28th we are within the boundaries of the Dream Cycle in which the Dreamscape is closest to our world, during this time many people have irregular or frightening dreams as the denizens fo the Dreamscape come clawing into our world through the conduit of our minds.

Unless you happen to be a lucid dreamer, or an experienced dreamer, I recommend that you sleep only 7 hours a night and drink a little caffeine before bed. The caffeine will upset your alpha rythms and cause you to sleep a little less well, but also if you enter the Dreamscape you should have slight control, enough to get out if necessary.

And if nothing else, I’ll send Vincent and the Nameless One to smack some people around for you, they like doing that.

Rodney TGAP
old dreamer

Nickname: Dyistar
Re: Nightmares
Thank you for the advice. As finals are over and things are quieting down the nightmares are too. I think they were stress related and now that most of my stress is gone I can sleep easy again. Thank you once again for the suggestions.