Original article posted by Stephanie:

So I signed up for a singles website. What can I say, I have too many hours alone. I’ve been talking to several hotties a night, and I can’t say I’m hating it. I’m feeling rather like unto a hottie myself these days.

But it’s so empty. So meaningless. I’m not sure what kind of meaning I’m trying to find, but I tell you, there’s none to be found.

I know, I don’t expect everytime I talk to a guy to be a revelation, but a little spark might be nice? Something besides this empty black hole?

I did find the perfect man, but alas, he’s married. He’s so awesome, I almost wish mormon leaders would reinstate polygamy. (ok, so I don’t mean that, but gee..)

This is the last weekend of the play I’m in, and then…emptiness fills my schedule. Until of course, I go back to NZ to see my ex and I return again to this heartrending pain.

Remind me why I’m going again?

Oh yes, seeking closure. Plus, I left my favourite pair of capris there, that’s important. I get more an more scared as the date of my departure looms closer and I keep asking myself that vital question:

“How could I have been so STUPID??”

I’ve spent $1000 on closure. I should have been satisfied with some chocolate and maybe a facial. But no, I’m a glutton for punishment AND a not-so thrifty one.

Ahh well, what’s done is done. And now I am.