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when it rains it pours- in this case, it is pouring the news of dead friends into my lap.
i can handle death fairly well. it is not a huge mysterious thing that i am afraid of.
however, this is getting ridiculous.

I am a little angry at the universe, fate, whatever thing is controlling the door into the next life. I am in Logan for another funeral. Kent Saxton was an incredibly kind man. He was drinking and fell. He was so drunk that he didn’t notice, as well as anyone else, that something was not right. He went to sleep and died from internal bleeding. The fall had cracked his skull.

there is too much sadness in the air.

sorry that i haven’t been around much in the last month- that i haven’t been calling very often-that i visited cedar for a few hours then scrambled off.

sending smiles

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Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: another funeral
We forgive you your dodginess and your lack of communication. We understand that you have issues and concerns and a life that is sometimes outside the scope of our reckoning. But what we hold against you is the sometimes assumption that we cannot do anything for you.

We can, you know?

I miss the Wendy, and whenever possible I dream of organizing prison breaks for her. The warden, though, that guy is crafty. And she keeps telling on my schemes.

Be safe, my endearing remark inserted here, you can always find us later. We don’t tend to go anywhere.

Rodney TGAP
intangable project