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I used to think pregnant women were taking advantage of being pregnant by not doing as much as they used to, by sitting down and resting all the time, by asking for help doing regular every-day tasks. I realize now that it’s not because they want to rest or ask for help – they truly can not do as much. It’s like suddenly becoming retarded (in the literal sense) after being whole and working hard your whole life. I thought my body was being weak. I thought I should be able to do more, so I ignored the screams of this temporal frame and pushed it harder. Work for 8 hours plus rush hour traffic for two, then home to make dinner, clean up and unpack a couple of boxes, spend time with my husband and then bed at 11:30 to wake up at 6 and start all over again. Add this to being 8 and 9 months pregnant. I realize now that I was running on reserve energy. I had no idea that pushing myself so hard for so long would cause toxemia. Luckily my doctor caught it at the very beginning and ordered immediate bed rest. He also sent me to the hospital for tests and threatened to induce labor. I’ll get the results on the fifth and find out then whether I will need to be induced early. If I do, I’m going to see if I can wait until the 10th, as it’s Joseph’s birthday. If not, I’ll see if the 5th will work, as it’s Greg’s birthday. The timing for my work schedule could be no worse. The lady who is supposed to cover for me had a death in her immediate family the same day I went for my check up so she won’t be in for a few weeks. I am not allowed to go to work and I am the only one who knows my job. Poor Jesus in the copy center is rather new and now has to do my job and his by himself. At least he knows his job. And he can email me the reports so that I can do them and email them back on time. Plus, we have just finished negotiations on a new Xerox contract for the Bureau of Reclamation and are going to install new copier/printers in a couple of weeks. Guess who knows most about networking and configuring the copiers? My boss is not a happy camper. I am glad, rather extremely grateful, that I do have a medical reason for not going to work and for getting to rest so much. It is a much needed break. And I thought I was a wimp. Sadly, my physical limitations do not change my desires. I still want to do everything. I lay in bed and think – the laundry needs to be done, What should we have for dinner?, I should be emptying boxes and organizing the house and getting the baby’s room ready. I need to vacuum, why haven’t I received the reports from work, they need to be emailed to the billing consultant in Chicago by 1:00. I get a headache just thinking about this. Even sadder still, I get up to unpack one box, and all I can do is walk down the hall and look at it before I get dizzy and naseaus and exhausted. I even have to type slowly and just sitting at the computer or riding in the car exhausts me. If nothing else, this exhaustion and not being able (not unwilling – just literally very unable) to do anything except rest and get bedsores will kill me. Even for all my gratefulness at being forced to rest I still feel slothful, and I hate it. I’m hoping that it will all go away after I have the baby and that I’ll be able to do everything again. I guess even Wonder Woman needs a break every now and then, but she doesn’t have to like it.

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Just wonder about your name, are you 1) A They Might Be Giants fan like myself. or 2) is it some language like togolog?

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TMBG fan. Also I love the name Ana. So I couldn’t help it.