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Entry 51 – May 7, 2004

I have this theory about the women that all of my male friends know and occasionaly get attached too. None of them really get along all that well. Sure, sure, they are CIVIL to one another and to the rest of the group, but none of them really come from any of the same places or do many of the same things.

i think of this because we get the guys together to hang out, play some games and such, and I propose an idea like, “hey, why don’t the women all get together and do something while we are doing something.” And nothing of the sort happens.

The females around here: girlfriends, wives, chippies, hangers-ons just don’t like to hang out. And if questioned none of them could probably tell me why. I doubt that they have even considered it.

Outside of that though, I have completed my finals. Four classes worth of stuff all done and turned in in the space of one day. I am confident and proud of some of it. Other portions I do not like much.

Then, suddenly, out of nowhere I got this job. Which just called me and they need me even earlier then I thought. So I must cut this short and ride into the morning to begin the ritual of working.

Which bothers me very little. I look forward to shoving a machine around for portions of the day as I give carpets that deep down clean that is only rumored in the backs of seedy dives in Morocco where everything is rumored from time to time.

Possibly because the clientele doesn’t get out much.

But that is another story for another time.

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.

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Nickname: -soma-
Re: And it is still sharp enough to slice a ripe tomato
Maybe if you quit looking at people as “male/female”, it would clear up some of your confusion. Maybe if you’d quit referring to me as a “chippy” just because I happen to be a female and dating one of your friends, you’d realize that I’m fairly good friends with a few of your males and just because I’m not a gamer doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything in common with any of you. arggg… I don’t see why a group of women should hang out simply because they happen to all be invovled with males who happen to hang out. I’m not much for female bonding, anyway. I’d much rather just do something with a group of friends without the overtone of “hey, we’re all females, how about that?”. Besides, according to certain friends and family members, I don’t make a very good female. And according to certain females, I’m stuck up. Imagine that.

By the way. Congrats on your new job. Said carpet cleaning company makes me happy.

Nickname: thewendy
was there a specific reason for this particular topic or did you just want to get a reaction and comments?

i hang out with Hastings the majority of the time that i visit cedar. far more than i do with the guys who introduced me to her in the first place. and anyway, why would i want to hang out with a bunch of girls i don’t even know who live in a completely different world than i do? i barely have anything in common with you, let alone some girl you happen to be dating.

Nickname: Cornelius
Re: And it is still sharp enough to slice a ripe tomato
It’s been my experience that the ladies involved with the mans in the group either a: would rather be hanging out with the group of mans anyway, or b: have nothing in common with each other.

Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: And it is still sharp enough to slice a ripe tomato
This was not meant to be an argumentative topic. i just noticed something that I thought was odd and stated it out loud. So far the reactions have been right along the path of my observations, so I suppose I was right.

I was just think’n out loud here.


Nickname: 1066ad
Re: And it is still sharp enough to slice a ripe tomato
Oh COME ON! You’ve dated half of us, you have to know what kind of reaction you’re gonna get. Maybe we should have a girls night out just to spite you. On the other hand, what would we do? Kelp wraps and mud-packs and painting our toe nails? Okay maybe I’d get muddy, but if I want to paint toenails and do my hair, I’ll hang out with The Cat. (I also seem to remember the fact that you getting a facial is rather entertaining– it is summer, maybe we need to hold another sleep-over so i can continue to not reconnect with my inner 13 year old.)
Guess we’re just not the type to go into the other room while the males sit down with port and cigars.
Actually, I think it may be a symptom of the fact that y’all don’t do particularly “guy” things. If we were having to avoid the Superbowl, car talk, and loud belching (and any of you were the type to do those things, therefore being attracted to the type of women that are attracted to those type of men) there might be more recipie swapping and makeup hints going around. I’d also like to point out that I was friends with , and part of, the (coincidently) male group before I became involved with one of those individuals. Why does dating, or being married to, one of your guy friends qualify me only to become part of the women’s auxilliary?
In further girl oriented new, announce the bake sale, will you? I want to see some serious muffin making going on, or heads will roll.

Nickname: Minty
Re: And it is still sharp enough to slice a ripe tomato

Im sorry I didnt get a chance to say good bye before I elft for Vegas, but anyhow…Yay about the job,see you ARE employable ya nut.

Anyhow, Ja bai bai, I need sleep.

Nickname: thewendy
I agree with Hastings
And are you calling me one of these things?
girlfriend- I am not
wives-am not
chippies, hangers-ons – then i must be one of these?

I prefer the title of friend, thanks.

Re: And it is still sharp enough to slice a ripe tomato
And who says that there aren’t any of these gatherings happening? Just because you aren’t there to witness them in person does not mean that we women don’t get together from time to time. After all, why would you hear about them? You’re not a female. Have a little faith in us girls and don’t think that just because you didn’t have a hand in the “get-together” means that it didn’t happen. If you didn’t get up one day then the world would still keep moving.

Nickname: ravenpaine
Re: And it is still sharp enough to slice a ripe tomato
Not bloody likely. Without me the world would definately stop.

Nickname: arylaina
Re: And it is still sharp enough to slice a ripe tomato
Then all some doomsday cult needs is you and a big, nasty weapon-o-death, right?

Nickname: Junpei
Re: And it is still sharp enough to slice a ripe tomato
Ha ha!

Jenn plays video games. 😀