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First Time story submiting. Please be kind and remeber writing at 3am whle at work in a hospitial is a difficult task. 🙂

The world of teenage life is a fickle one. Especially during those all to awkward and, often embarrassing High School years. And there is nothing more important in the teenage world than attention. Even the so-called rebel, who states he doesn’t care what others think, is most of the time being “different” just like everyone else. And attention is fantastic, up until it comes wholly unwanted from an entire audience of your peers from all 3a schools in the state. This is where we begin.

That Friday dawned bright and early as did countless other throughout my senior year. But the fact the state drama competiton was that day was a little added excitement. Now I’m not here to profess to be a master thespian, but merely to tell you that I enjoyed the theater. Not in that “I’m going off to make my way in New York” type of theater. Nor one of those Drama kids who felt the need to quote Monty Python and the Holy Grail ad nausaeum with a poorly executed English accent. I was in it because my friends we’re, just that simple. And one friend in particular was Bill, now Bill and I had been best friends since 8th grade. To the point where people would stop calling Bill’s house and would call mine instead when they needed to reach him. Now Bill this day had a monolog from Amadeus that he was performing. For this piece he had acquired some period clothing, which included a frilly shirt and large blue felt bloomer pants. My job that day was to help carry his added pieces of set and props to and from each performance that day.

So from 8am to 4pm the secene replayed itself over, and over again. I soon realized that if Bill was to suddenly have a massive heart attack from the stress of the day, I could easily jump in and replace him, as I now had the same monolog engrained in my psyche from multiple deliveries. Perhaps there was a faint hope that this would happen so I could use this useless information now stored for a purpose. Well after judging concluded and the time had come for the announcing of the winners, all the students from all the 3A schools gathered in the auditorium for the awards ceremony. Bill and I we’re chatting it up with some girls from another school, we found that picking up on girls from other schools to work best as they didn’t grow up with you and therefore didn’t remember the time in 3rd grade when you wet yourself in class. We we’re on the front row turned around to chat with these girls whilst the entire rest of the auditorium sat before us chatting. Then a sinister thought crept into my head, which was a commonplace thing in those days. I suddenly realized the great joke that could be played on my friend.

You see blue felt bloomers had no belt loops and therefore would stand to reason would have no belt. Up until this point in our friendship neither of us had inflicted great bodily harm on one another. This was soon to change. So I made a slight move back, pretending to be gazing at the gather multitude before us. Then as Bill talked to his new female targets, I struck. Now the art of the pantsing of someone is a fine one. You must be able to do the pantsing without pulling the underwear of the intended victim down with his pants. This can result in many an uncomfortable moment and possible lawsuit. Now as of that moment it had never occurred to me that Bill might not be wearing underwear at all, under his costume. I would have assumed that given the general dictates of common hygiene this would have been so. But alas I was mistaken. So in a flash, I grabbed pulled and stood arms length away.

The first idea that something was amiss was the automatic look of horror displayed on the faces of the girls, followed quickly by pointing and laughing. Bill it seems didn’t feel the effect of the disrobing till a small draft hit him, and he looked down to see its origin. So there with the entire state of Utah’s 3A drama student looking on, my friend Bill’s “little” secret was displayed. Swiftly he pulled the clothing up and preceded to give mad chase towards the perpetrator, who at that point was already almost out of the room. After a few seconds of chasing, he caught me and unleashed a flurry of shots and words that painted the hallway blue. The effect of laughing releases endorphins into the body, a kind of natural painkiller. This coupled with my spastic movements helped me avoid any real damage. And after about 30seconds my friend tired, stood up, and walked back to his chair. As though hit by a case of merciful amnesia he never spoke of the incident ever again. But this may be the reason behind the dating of my ex-girlfriend a year later…….. But who’s to say.

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Nickname: Chellee
Re: Teenage hooliganism and the after effects
What I want to know is what year was this? By all means I should have been there, but generally sat at the back of the auditorium being completely self absorbed. This story seems vaguely familiar… Which school was hosting?

Nickname: Edward_Nigma
Re: Teenage hooliganism and the after effects
Dixie High School 94-95