Original article posted by Greg:

Well, I just entered the computer joint from my very first taiwanese rainstorm. The thunder was constant. The rain was too. It was cool. I am wet. Especially since the day started out completely clear and freeky hot.

So now I am surrounded by computer generated carnage – including lots of “Excellent choice… I hearo and obey… YESSe!… Taste my blade!..”

Some people may catch that.

Few interesting “Taiwan Character” things to relate. One is the garbage system. Here they have free garbage disposal and recycling, but the bags you have to use for regular garbage cost lots. This is to encourage recycling. The more you put in the free recycling, the less garbage bags you have to use. Also the garbage trucks all play music like Ice Cream Trucks in america. Then the people all come running out of the apartments and hand thier pretty pink or blue bags to the garbage people in the truck. It’s…. Wild, really.

Number two is the stop lights. The stop lights themselves are normal. The walk/don’t walk signs are funky. The don’t walk is a red person shape standing still. The walk is a green figure making walking motions. The timer counts down and when it hits about 7, the figure starts running. At 0 the light turns orange, and 3 seconds later traffic is moving. It makes me laugh.

I would like you to know that the missionaries really care for you more than you can imagine. I really had no idea until I started going out. I can’t believe how many times we meet somebody whose life is just a mess and they turn us away – thinking that we have nothing that can help. We always regret it and try to figure out if there was something more we could have done. We always pray for those people as well. In fact, we pray for pretty much everybody we meet. It usually is a prayer in which we ask God to give that person whatever he or she needs to bring that person to God.

It’s really amazing how much the missionaries love you. They truly do not hold anything back.

What else to say? It’s the end of my second week “on island” here. Chinese remains a challenge. I sometimes find myself with no idea of what I should be doing next.

To those who wrote last week: Thank you. I appreciate it immensely. I am unable to recieve mail regularly because it requires me to visit the mission office.. I am also unable to spend much time writing back to people because I haven’t got any real time to – even on preparation day. So I’m sorry for that. I’m afraid some people will not hear from me much over the next couple of years. Sorry.

I’ve got to run. Lots and lots to do.

Codeword: Frankenstien.
-Elder Hamblin