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Entry 53 – May 13

Today is looking like it will be a pretty good day. The stage is set and the players are about to show up.

Of course, no one knows their lines. And I’m rather certain that this script will not be ready for them when they do get here, but we’ve winged it before and we will wing it again.

Plan 2 all around!

Sometimes it seems like I’m the only human left on the planet. Part of this belief comes from the fact that I spend 13 hours a day away from home compared to my usual 3. I use my home like so many yogi mystics use shrines, as an energy source. My home stores the very fabric of Rodney, so that on days when I’m not all there I can find the bits I don’t have sitting around the room and put them all back in.

I’ve been strangely argumentitive recently, mostly due to the stress of the day, but also because I’m doing more and more to feel good about myself, which invariabley means that I will take offense at everything and get hurt by every comment made to myself or others, no matter the intent of the statement.

i don’t like feeling good for this reason. It makes me vulnerable, I’m like Patrick Stewart in Safe House in that scene where he leaves his house without his bomb disposal suit and nearly gets run over by a crazed teenage driver. Sometimes you stay securely in your home, not because your paranoid, but because everyone actually is out to get you.

But it is Thursday. That means that it is also HackMaster day, and my day off. This will not go well for a number of poor players. Nothing like a GM having the one day in the week that he doesn’t have to do anything with a lot of pent up hostility to the people that have placed him in this position. No. I suppose that will go poorly for them indeed. Not that I take out my anger on the players, I’m just likely to roll much better than they want me to when it comes time to harm them.

But between now and then I’m here. Mazin’ my relaxin’ in the comfort of my room with my TMBG Mink Car blaring to the right and a fountain of soothing running water going to my left. I’m click-a-clacking my way through the morning and I’m on my second to last bowl of cereal before I have to go buy more.

New cereal always makes me happy. If you have not yet been delighted by it, you should go try to understand this commercial for Kikkoman soy sauce. It is Japenese and features a cat being hanged for some reason I cannot fathom. Also he smokes and rides a motorcycle.

And he has a fish for a head. I might not have mentioned that part.

The only comment that I have for the recent string of comments I have been recieving around here is this: Why aren’t the rest of you writing things so that I can make a comment now and then? Huh? Eh?

That being said I am working on this novel project. It will be a Heavy Noir piece. For those of you untrained in jargon Heavy Noir is the pen name that I share with Rowsdower when we both work on a piece.

The novel takes place in the near present. The angel Olivier (pronounced Oliver) has taken it upon himself to visit key members of the Third Host, the angels who did not fight for or against Heaven during the time just before the Fall, and convince them to move the Earth experiment on to the next step.

Standing in his way are agents of the Fairfax League, a secret society comprised of the leaders of secret societies. While not as influential as something as the Illuminati, they do have vast resources and an undeniable knowledge of the world of the supernatural. They have dedicated themselves to fucking with God’s plan for the Earth because they claim ownership to the place, it is theirs, not His, and no one likes it when someone touches your stuff. Percieving Olivier’s plan as a threat to themselves, they take action.

Raguel, the Archangel of Vengeance, is in on all of this. He and Olivier have been friends for as long as friends have existed. The term might have been created for them. Though Raguel doesn’t agree with all of Olivier’s ideals, he does want to help out in the current project. He takes off to draw the attention of Heaven and Hell so that Olivier has the manuevering room to complete his task before anyone notices. So he heads to the three worst places in existance to cause a stir.

Meanwhile, Uriel, currently the Angel of Death, is troubled by recent events and begins the soul searching contemplation that led the previous three Angels of Death to Fall. What is it that caused them to Fall? Uriel intends to find out without going himself. – I cannot say a lot about this portion of the story, this is where Rowsdower will be doing things.

Anyway, there, you have a sneak peek at my latest project. I’ll get to that Ancient Chinese Women story again someday. Like after I get some hard to find research materials about all of that.

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.

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Sweet!! I think I want to read this! And I never want to read anything. Ever. I am planning on posting something, but I am saving up. It’s something most people already know about anyway. I never post in the group discussions because most of them fit the term “Bullpies!!” to a T. I do vote in the polls. Often and violently.