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the Third Host
Rodney TGAP


Olivier chapter 1 pages 1-20
Olivier and Raguel meet in an office to discuss Olivier’s plan to mobilize the Third Host to put forth the next step in the Earth project. Olivier explains the importance of the move and the readiness of the time. Raguel reluctantly agrees. Remember also the analogy of the baseball game that Olivier constructs to explain his point. Olivier looks up a list of identities and locations of angels of the Third Host and prepares to travel. Raguel informs Olivier that he must meet with a contact, Umbris, about something that is going in the rest of the supernatural world.


Raguel chapter 1 pages 21-40
Raguel travels to the Midwest to an unassuming gas station named Earl’s Gas. Here he meets with Umbris and Azer. Umbris reveals that Cthulhu is putting a plan into motion to rise from R’yleh and Raguel could play a key role in stopping or instigating the plan. Azer gets in a fight with Earl, the owner, and Raguel trudges off to find transportation to R’yleh.


Uriel chapter 1 pages 41-60
Uriel, having recently destroyed another angel, a job that normally falls to Raguel, is having second thoughts about his role in Heaven and the righteousness of his actions. He discusses the past of the previous 11 Angels of Death that Fell. Coming to no conclusions about what he should or shouldn’t do about the events of the past and getting less than useful information out of the stoic staff of death regulators he endeavors to travel to Hell and personally question three principle Fallen Angels of Death.


Olivier chapter 2 pages 61-80
Olivier travels to Seattle where he meets with Arael and Arimisael to discuss the mobilization of the Third Host. They hash out the psychological make up of current society and decided that it is indeed time to move the Earth project forward a step. They discuss the philosophical ramifications of what Olivier has planned and go over the steps necessary to complete the process. Finally he leaves for a show he has to catch.


Raguel chapter 2 pages 81-100
Raguel takes a boat to the center of the Atlantic and jumps overboard to the island temple of R’yleh, the resting place of Great Cthulhu the shaman of the Elder Ones. He trudges through the cyclopean landscape until he reaches the inner chamber and discusses with the heaving, sleeping Elder God his plan to “assist” in Cthulhu’s project for resurrection. As he leaves the island he is confronted by Daniel & Grace who try to convince him not to meddle, this time. Raguel shoves past them; he has his own agenda after all.


Uriel chapter 2 pages 101-120
Uriel travels to Hell where he meets with Samael, Azrael, and Teliel – three previous Angels of Death. He questions them as to why the Fell and are given three different answers along with a selection of old adages and snippets of wisdom. Uriel leaves Hell more confused than ever.


Olivier chapter 3 pages 121-140
Olivier goes to the east coast to catch a show of a small time blues band. While at the club he meets with Bardiel and discusses the difference between talent and marketable skills. Bardiel agrees with the plan and agrees to pick a selection of entertainment personalities to push forward the change. Olivier heads to his next engagement in New York.


Raguel chapter 3 pages 141-160
Raguel travels to the Vatican to retrieve the Codex. One of two items he is required to get for Cthulhu’s plan. While in the Vatican Raguel runs across two members of the Order of Alkire, who mistake him for a Corruptor and they get in a fight. The Jesuit’s that keep the library find them and Raguel has to flee to protect the Codex, he leaves Warren James, an old acquaintance to fight the Alkire members and the Jesuit Cardinal Varian.


Uriel chapter 3 pages 161-180
Uriel travels to Earth seeking more practical advice. He spots Raguel’s signature during the fight in the Vatican and catches up to him in Prague. There Raguel is meeting with Umbris, who has double crossed Raguel and sold the meet location out to agents of the Fain Academy. Raguel promises Umbris his end is near, but not near enough, and heads to New York with Uriel. They drop off the Codex with Israfel and Ireul before heading to the Oroborous Café to get some answers.


Olivier chapter 4 pages 181-200
Olivier arrives in New York and meets with Israfel and Ireul, who have already started to translate the Codex. Olivier proposes the advancement plan and they are overly enthusiastic, they chide him for not doing so earlier. They are attacked while at the bank transferring funds to several key corporations to mobilize the process. Olivier is gunned down, on camera, and Adrian Lucien proposes arranges to get the footage erased if Olivier will do one small favor…


Raguel chapter 4 pages 201-220
Raguel and Uriel enter the café where they discuss the current going-ons with Isaac and Daniel. Raguel seems lost on a couple of details and Uriel is caught up in a conversation with a section of dead writers at their weekly poker game. Dostoyevsky offers Uriel a piece of chance advice and Edgar Allen Poe solves the missing piece for Raguel about what Cthulhu is doing. Lovecraft only snickers throughout the explanation. Raguel and Uriel head to the Quantum Law firm.


Uriel chapter 4 pages 221-240
Uriel and Raguel arrive in Nowhere with the assistance of Mala Ilona. They dodge patrols of Clowns and Demons until they find the animatronic shell of Randolph Carter. To get him back out they have to travel to the Greater Spire or the Deliverance Pit. Uriel demands that they travel to meet Adrian’s sister and Mala’s mother at the Deliverance Pit. Raguel agrees with a lot of bickering and cussing and they leave to meet with Olivier.


Olivier chapter 5 pages 241-260
Olivier and Ramiel are having a conversation about the religious advancement of the project. In the background Umbris’ brother is attempting to kill Elden Locke to complete his vengeance and free his brother also ending his own curse of eternal waking. UB is wounded during the fight and Elden flees. Ramiel attempts to give chase but Olivier stops him according to the deal he made with Adrian. He leaves to the meet with Raguel.


Raguel chapter 5 pages 261-280
Raguel and Uriel meet with Olivier to get the translation of the Codex. Raguel bitches out Olivier for falling into an Adrian plot. Leliel, Mala, Harahel, and Qadosch enact the ritual described in the Codex to put Carter’s soul back into the shell that was retrieved from Nowhere. Oliver leaves to confront Adrian, Raguel leaves to confront Cthulhu. Uriel is left with the revived Carter.


Uriel chapter 5 pages 281-300
Uriel must protect Carter from a variety of the Fairfax League’s plots. Though the act of protecting a life rather then taking a life Uriel begins to see what the previous 11 Angels of Death did not understand about mortality and the trials that the Earth Project represents. Uriel travels to Rhode Island to meet Raguel.


Olivier chapter 6 pages 301-320
Olivier confronts Adrian about his past and the things that Adrian has convinced him to do. Adrian attempts to manipulate Olivier into changing the advancement plan in two key ways. Oliver is finally able to refuse Adrian’s ploys and finalizes the plans final stages.


Raguel chapter 6 pages 321-340
Raguel goes to Rhode Island to stop Cthulhu’s entourage who intend to sacrifice Carter to enact the Elder God’s resurrection. Uriel arrives with Carter and Olivier arrives to get Carter’s help. The whole crew must fight off a number of Lovecraftian horrors and Raguel declares his job done. Oliver enlists Carter to use the Silver Key to teach humans to dream again. Uriel heads to Heaven.


Uriel chapter 6 pages 340-360
Uriel takes Olivier to the outskirts of Heaven and they discuss what has happened. Olivier shares his views on redemption and Uriel shares his findings on mortality. Olivier convinces Uriel and himself that there are more than two answers. There is a third choice. Uriel agrees to do his job according to his own will and chooses to ignore whether his actions aid one side or another.

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I was going to comment that it seemed pretty solid, but how necessary were the Lovecraftian elements? A knowledge of the war in heaven doesn’t seem adequate to understand and appreciate this story if it’s not also coupled with an understanding of the Elder Gods. I was going to say that it seemed a bit like fanfiction, to use his characters for your own purposes. But then I thought about it, and realized that’s what the other characters are as well. The panoply of beings you have assembled are gleaned from others’ works. Which defeated my original comment. Which got me thinking about how much of religious literature is nothing but fanfiction. Which made me chuckle. Just had to add all this as a footnote. Carry on.