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Entry 57 – May 27, 2004

If you have not yet seen Bubba Ho-tep then you are a fool. A very large sort of fool. The kind of fool that is pittied not by Mr. T, but by regular fools as a super fool.

The hypochondriacal side of me thinks that I am developing some sort of malignant and degenerative disease that will slowly eat away at my optical nerves until I go blind. The only part of my body that is tired right now is my eyes. This is not the first time that this phenomenon has been true. It occurs several times a week in fact.

Perhaps if I were to start blinking again they would recover to some degree. I have stopped blinking because, well, because…

That is when they GET YOU. As you may or may not already know.

The THEY in this statement will change from time to time, but rest assured that THEY are out there, and that you are their target. I will remain safe; I’ve stopped blinking.

The more I write the more I think and the more I realise that my last several years learning everything I can about people and reading less and less has taken a severe toll on me.

It might be risky but I might have to take drastic book reading measures in the near future. This will make me intolerable to speak with as I tell you what is what about new topics that I become interested in.

And the satire. You should all fear the satire.

I was asked once, some time ago, the differnce between a power and a skill. I had this to say: A power is the sort of thing that you unleash on your unsuspecting foes to instill fear in them and to save humanity in your own particular idiom. A skill is something that you work forever to perfect only to have no one notice that it is important until you start lying that it took no effort whatsoever to pull off.

The moral of which is… Nobody respects hard work and diligence, and evil can only be defeated through inexplicable means.

Sandwhiches are the same. Full of evil, and things that can only be explained by first dealing with radiation of some sort.

Kindly disregard the above sentence as the flotsam of a process that involves writing a journal entry and some email and a novel and a paper all at the same time.

You should see how well the other three things are going…

Or not.

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.