Original article posted by Stephanie:

It seems to me that this place has sorta died. That sucks. Is it because it’s summer?

Well it’s winter here. Thus, cold. And I have a cold now. Which are the really bad parts about it.

The good parts are the people, and the accents. Oh, and the friends and one very sweet kitten.

I have recently sorta gotten back with my ex. It seems that when we’re 7000 miles away, we can do broken up. But put us in the same room for a few hours and everything else is forgotten.

Am I stupid? Oh yeah. Am I typical? Double yeah. Am I in love and sappy and romantic? Once again, yes. And there are no promises, who knows what’s going to happen. But I think we’re trying again.

In any case, he’ll be back in good old Cedar City in August. For my birthday. I get a kiwi for my birthday! 😀

So someday I’ll figure things out with him. And hey, maybe I won’t. But I’m happy when I’m with him, so I’m going to enjoy it and look to tomorrow some other day.