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Speaking of computer games… There’s a boy in one of the families we’re teaching right now who, the first time we visited them, was playing a game called Ragnarok Online. It was disturbingly distracting. Being in Tangerine online isn’t really that bad at all, but having this kid playing some mysterious game while we were trying to teach.. well.. pretty I don’t know what.

Today I am on exchanges for a while. We started last night. My companion has to exchange with the companionships in the district each move-call. So yesterday I was like the “senior companion” for about 4 hours. I think it went pretty well. I never felt like I had no idea what I was doing, so that’s a good sign.

Yesterday I also made an attempt to pass off the third discussion. It didn’t go so well. I could safely say it was perhaps the worst I’ve ever taught it. But that’s because I thought my companion and the member playing “investigator” were goofing around while I was trying to be serious. My compainion says that he was trying to express a concern. I say he was just being silly since he’s friends with my companion.


But he said I could decide if I passed it off. And I think I did well enough. It wasn’t a great teaching situation, but I still taught everything.

On Sunday one of our families walked into church all on their own (we never had a chance to invite them to visit). It was so great. The members were pretty excited too. When it was time to sing a hymn about 8 people tried to give the family hymnbooks. I don’t remember the last time I smiled so much.

Our good investigator, Chen Dixiong, has run into some problems. His wife is absolutely dead set against him joining the church. He tried to get her to visit church so she could see how nice it is, but she refused and then made him promise that he wouldn’t go either. She’s got cancer and I think it makes him want to always be nice to her. He tried to explain how important it is to him to be baptized and be a part of this church. She said “Oh, you want to join a church and be baptized, huh?” and has set an appointment for the whole family to get baptized Catholic at the end of the month. He says she chose that church because it will allow her to keep smoking and drinking.

So that’s very sad for all involved. Except for his wife, who doesn’t seem to care.

So that’s pretty much the extent of things over here right now. Still trying to focus more on the work. I have a problem where I often think “Man, so-and-so would love this.” or “After my mission, I’m going to…” It’s pretty frustrating, and difficult to overcome really.

Chinese remains difficult, but I’m closer to the point where I understand most of what people say if it has to do with religion. But if they talk about work or school or beans I’m pretty much done for.

So, today just slightly more discouraged, but most days end up good as soon as I get out and work. The temptation is during that time before stepping out the door to work, when I find myself thinking “I would much rather go sit on a couch, turn up some music, start reading a book, and just take a day off.”

Alas, earwax.

But truly, things are really great here. Got a great job with the circus shoveling elephant dung.

I keep putting in one-liners that only one or two people in the whole world would get. I’m so bad. Disregard random lines that make no sense.

My time is up. The church is true. Say your prayers.

-Elder Greg Hamblin

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