Original article posted by Dyistar:

There are five ants smeared on my desk and yet there are still more appearing everytime I sit down. You think that they would see the dead body of their friends and think that it wasn’t safe to venture this way. Instead of seeing the obvious danger and turning back, they saw something their friends died trying to get to and decided to join in the cause only to die in the same horrible fashion as the previous ants. Me thinks that there is a lesson to be learned here, but I’m too tired/lonely/something to fully realize what it is. I think I’m doing pretty good just knowing that there is a lesson in there.

Its the begining of June and I’m waiting for school to start again. No, not really, but I miss that life. I feel as if the sun is slowly sucking my life away and that finding some way to off myself would make me feel better. Of course that is a stupid thing to do, but the thought is still there nonetheless. Summer days are completely meaningless. You sit around doing nothing. You have a summer job earning minimum wage flipping burgers or something equally stupid. You watch TV. You play video games. You end up watching movies you’d never watch under normal circumstances. You ‘catch up’ with old friends from high school who you don’t really care about anymore but its better than being alone. You end up going to parties meeting people, making out with people, fucking people and never learning their names. You sit in the bathtub staring at a thin blue line knowing that you are suppose to cut along that line and not across the wrist.

Ant number eight, nine and ten have now joined their friends. I wonder if they had someone waiting for them back at the hill. I wonder if that’s why more ants keep coming. Little Billy Ant went for a walk one day when from the sky came death crushing and swift. Mommy Ant and Daddy Ant were worried so they sent Sister and Brother Ant out to look for Billy. They soon find out first hand about what happened to Billy. Later, when Sister and Brother didn’t return Mommy and Daddy went looking for their children. The next day when the neighbors hadn’t seen the Ant family they decided to form a search party…

And Death had a field day.

I wonder if Death is getting tired of all the ants I’m giving him. I wonder if he wishes for bigger prey. However, he will just have to be happy with the ants I give him. He’ll just have to wait for me until old age gets me. That or some sort of flashy accident. Knock on wood.