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Meditation is a required class.
Contemplative mindfullness a goal.
A school created by Allen Ginsberg and Anne Waldman.
Teachers who have you bow before and after class to awknoledge the learning that will be done. They give you a bike to use for free for the semester/summer/year.
The dorm- quiet. kitchen. your own BIG room. only 25 other people in there. They recycle, compost everything on campus. There is a river trail- a teacher who works in SCI-Fi. A major- MAJOR focus in poetry.
You can major in Eastern Religions.

Don’t go to the U for grad school. Don’t go back East.
For an open-minded, spiritual, intensive, MFA program designed by writers for writers- go to Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.
Or just attend their summer workshops as a non-credit student.

What else can I say?

Hope your summers are all relaxing.

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we love you! have more fun.