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What it means to be beautiful

is easy (Age 3)
simple syllables laughing
color of each new space

it means taken (Age 8)
having long lashes light
eyes every man wants
to touch thighs

it means broken (Age 16)
deep dislocated wall
thrown lace shoulder

it means owned (Age 21)
scruff smoke scrawled
voice calls out 7
10 some legs on that one

it means, doesn’t sleep (Age 24)
night within walls
falls asleep on top
of her again
she stares afraid
of dream screams

it means is needed now (Age 27)
to be swayed softly
back to love of touch
of own skin

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Re: What it means to be beautiful revised
i like the rhythm of (Age 3), etc. much better. this flows much more smoothly.