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Entry 62 – June 21

Happy birthday to good ole Bruce Campbell. He turns the magical 42 today. Let us all celebrate the coolest guy to ever decide on acting as a career.

On a completely seperate note all of my life is losing meaning and turning in on itself as I realise that all this time that I have been on the planet chasing happiness and friendship I should have just been wrting in a journal at 3 am and sleeping only as an after effect of staring for far too long.

I have made an observation. Few people will walk past a shirtless man, leaning back and asleep in his running car with a look of distant and profound relaxation on his face, once. There will always be a subtle stop, then a turn. Then they will walk forward to the front of the car and slowly walk past again.

Some people will be alarmed and wonder if the man is okay, perhaps he is dead an no one has noticed. Some others will wonder if he is currently getting a blow job and though they don’t want to see this happening at the moment they must confirm their suspicions or go mad. Still others will wonder if what they saw was nothing more than a desert illusion and must check twice to confirm… Well i’m not sure that looking at a desert illusion twice really proves anything at all. But I have seen a great many people walk past this man in question and I assume that the universe will always need a shirtless sleeping man to make humanity take but a moment to double check what is going on.

There is a particular set of problems that I am facing right now. But because of temporal causality, or at least the temporal causality that I am enforing I cannot mention them.

Some people will understand why this is.

As a side note I would like to inform people that I enjoy throughing bodies at explosive barrels and then catching the corpse as it flies past me on fire only to through it at an unsuspecting enemy who had no idea that Bill could both fly and be on fire.


Tomrrow I shall do what I did today, namely I will paint for something like 7 hours so tha I may make good on a promise to pay back a good friend of mine who has kept me alive over the past 4 years to the tune of just about $1,400. I do hope that I can do this simple thing for him.

I would also go into how much Kellie has been annoying me recently but I know that doing so will only put me under heavy flak for being insensitive. I will leave this note here so that she knows that I know that we should talk about it before it gets out of hand.

I’m not sure about the rest of you but I don’t know what I’m going to do when the new semester starts. I have way to many crazed schemes that involve frat movies and slip’n’slides.


But in case anyone is hoping to find out the secret of the lost island of Gold, forget about it. That secret dies with me. Not because I’m not going to tell you but because I intend to take the island with me. Damn heathens.

Rodney TGAP
Bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all.