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I was on exchanges with a native Taiwanese person yesterday, as well. He said “I love Dragon Ball Festival.” Then looked around guiltily and said “I mean… Dragon Boat… festival… of course…” Funny to me. We then saw a big spotlight in the sky. He said, “Hey, a spotlight… Um… You stay here. I need to go do things that are neither caped, nor crusadey.”

Fun guy.

But the big news is that I found out I’m the most blessed person I know. I have recieved everything I have asked for in my prayers during the past week. That includes people who want to get baptized. Last week we had 0 people in our “Baptism Pool.” Today we have 8, with probably 4 more by the end of the week. The best part is that the Liu family has finally decided to get baptized. It’s so exciting. We still have to teach them 3 more discussions, but they seem pretty determined.

What’s interesting is that not one of these people were found by us. The liu family we met through a member. The Chen family we inherited from the area that closed down and we took over. One lady, Lilly, called the mission office herself and asked to learn about the church. And one guy just walked in to church on sunday.

Also, I’m pretty jazzed about Lilly. I taught her a first while my companion taught a family. So it was just me and a couple of members. It was a little scary, but I talked with her afterwards and invited her to be baptized. She said she was willing. Then when we taught her the 2nd discussion, she said “Elder Hamblin told me this is true, that’s how I know.” It was very… flattering…? But we then made sure to teach her about how important it is to know for yourself and not just rely on the testimony of others. But it was exciting to have somebody really find strength from my own testimony.

In our new area there is a burned-out BBQ restaurant. It’s huge and made to look like Mt. Rushmore. But with only Washington and Jefferson.
Weird. And then nearby is another restaurant with the name
“Delicously.” This stuff cracks me up.

Well, we’re orderd to move apartments. So tomorrow we have got a lot of packing and moving to do. And Saturday as well. They’re closing the lease on this one. But I’ve heard the new apartment has it’s own cockroach book-clubs as well as tennis leagues.

So… That’s the news from this side of the world. Chinese remains a harsh and subtle mistress whose wily ways confound me at about 45% of turns. My time emailing is up.

Cogito Ergo Woot.
Somebody trademark that for me if possible.
-Elder Hamblin